Dems Fundraise Off Scalia Death


Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia died today and already the Democratic party is fundraising off his death.
In an email sent out by the Democratic National Committee, supporters are asked to chipping in some money for the coming Supreme Court nomination fight.
The fundraising email reads:
*Breaking news from the GOP debate stage:

Dems Fundraise Off Scalia Death | The Weekly Standard

Meanwhile the left is wishing for Clarence Thomas’s death. The RNC is raising funds by using Trump while trying to knock him out of the race.*


Originally reported as dying from “natural causes,” now it seems as if his cause of death is “undetermined.” Wouldn’t put it past the left to have assassinated him somehow. Whether we get the real truth of the matter is another issue. There are a LOT of very vile stuff on HuffPo and other left-wing sites about him.


How ghoulish. The body wasn’t even cold yet before the political spinning started.


This thought entered my mind right off the bat. And I am not quick to accept conspiracy theories.

Another thought is, that perhaps the Lord took him so he will miss all the upcoming carnage that court is involved in.


Yes, it is. And the Republican debate on Sat. night started right out of box with using it.

Still, no matter how ghoulish it may be, it is a reality that many of us ought to soberly reflect upon when choosing our next POTUS.


The reason there was no official cause of death, is because his family requested an autopsy not be performed. They can’t actually state a cause of death without one.