Deputies escort dismissed George Zimmerman juror from courthouse


Deputies escort dismissed George Zimmerman juror from courthouse

Published On: Jun 14 2013 02:59:47 PM EDT

The potential juror, 55-year-old unemployed painter and guitar player Jerry Counelis, was eliminated from the jury pool on Wednesday after defense attorneys found a posting from him on a Facebook page from 2012.

Counelis was at the courthouse on Friday during the lunch hour complaining about his anonymity and saying he is hiring an attorney. According to the trespassing report, Counelis walked into the foyer of the jury assembly and expressed his privacy concerns and animosity toward the jury process to the clerk.

Counelis’ March 21, 2012 posting in question was on the Facebook page called “The Coffee Party Progressive,” a political Facebook page that posted a comment calling for “justice for Trayvon.”

Counelis told attorneys during questioning that he only determined that Zimmerman should be arrested after an arrest was made in the case. The posting was found on Facebook more than two weeks before Zimmerman was arrested.

This neatly captures what I find outrageous about the Zimmerman Hater-Railroaders! This character posted presumption that Zimmerman is guilty on a FB page of that POV - posts and POVs they are utterly free to have. But then when he found himself in the jury pool, he tried to conceal his prejudice. He got caught trying to prejudice the Zimmerman jury, and was dismissed. Not satisfied, he again tried to corrupt the jury pool, creating grounds for restarting the jury selection process or even a venue change - expensive for the state, expensive for Zimmerman (who doesn’t have the power to tax to support his legal representation!).

To be blunt, this character did not surprise me at all! And I’m sure he’s not unique among the Zimmerman Hater-Railroaders! I would be surprised if there were not more such attempts to prejudice the Zimmerman trial, absent a clamp-down by the authorities.


I don’t think that man understands what “justice” is. Justice in our legal system is the even handed or blind application of the law.

What that man wanted was revenge for Trayvon Martin, not justice. If he wanted justice, then he would want a fair trial. Instead he lied during the jury questioning and then tried to contaminate the whole pool.

I know that if I were to be questioned for that trial, I would likely get kicked off. But I would at least answer the questions honestly. IMO, that guy should be charged with perjury and anything that can go with trying to poison the jury pool.


If a juror lies to get into the pool is that Perjury, contempt of court, or both?


I’m thinking it could be either/or. Depends on how the judge sees it, I suppose. Perjury, I think carries a stronger penalty. He probably could be charged with both.



Personally I think Zimmerman should be thrown into prison for killing that kid, but that doesn’t change the fact that he deserves a fair trial (*I *don’t think I’d make a good juror for such a public case).


You sure wouldn’t. The police didn’t think they had any reason to arrest him, until the pressure was put on. All the evidence pointed toward self-defence. (I couldn’t get on the jury, either - but then, if they’d given the police credit for the good sense they had, he’d never have been arrested).


I’m not sure that I’d make a good jurist or not. I KNOW that I have to go on what is presented at the trial.
However, I’d be p’o’d if the prosecutor OR the defense attorney didn’t do a proper job of things.


Once when I was on the panel for a jury, they never got to me, but I know I wouldn’t have been accepted. I’d have had to beg off. Not that I knew anything about the case (it was a low-profile civil case), but my impression of the defense lawyer put my back up. He gave the impression that he was going to try to win the case with his sense of humor. Things I heard later confirmed my opinion of him as not being very ethical.


Ew. That would not have impressed me, either, Suz.


I think he deserves a medal from the community for his actions to better the neighborhood.


I was in a jury selection for a criminal case. I was asked if would feel comfortable sending a person to jail. I said that the only way that I would be comfortable doing so is objectively reviewing all of the evidence and testimony so that an objective decision could be made. The two lawyer instantly went into a huddle. The defense wasn’t too keen on me. They let me go.


How did he possibly better the neighborhood?


Prior to this incident, he organized the Neighborhood Watch program due to a string of burglaries.

If more citizens paid attention in their neighborhoods, there’d be much less crime.


That was a fact that the progressive liberal commie MSM glossed over as they instantly branded him as a cold-blooded murderer.


You scared something out of them when you used the O-word, ConLib.


Initial MSM “news” reports represented Zimmerman as a white, self-appointed, vigilante type. If they ever corrected those falsehoods it was on page ZZ-28 between the Lost Kitty ads and the Personals.


It was a criminal rape case. They knew that I was an engineering student and had figured out that I would want to review any scientific evidence in detail and with objectivity. Perhaps both didn’t feel comfortable with me to some degree. The prosecution would have to be more confident of their forensic evidence and if they didn’t have that much, it would be a negative. However, the defense seemed to almost instantly objected to selecting me and the prosecutor didn’t offer any resistance. THis was in the late 80’s and DNA evidence was not available of even discussed at that time.