Dershowitz: My Liberal Friends Say My Trump Defenses Are 100 Percent Right, But I Should Also Shut The **** Up


Look how kind and compassionate the libs are, they ostracize a 79 year old man for speaking the truth, and also make him physically ill, from the sound of it.

Stay classy, Dims.:roll_eyes:

(Jonathan Turley is another honest liberal law professor.)


The reason they want him to shut up is that MOST Democrats don’t give a tinker’s dam about the Constitution, what it says, what it allows and what it prohibits.


Most also DON’T KNOW what it says, what it allows and what it prohibits.

Dershowitz is one of the few that DOES know, and has called out those that don’t. Good for him.

It’s very telling that he’s being told to remain silent.

The Dims have lifted up their skirts on this one, but I don’t think Joe Sixpack cares (which is revealing too).


I’ve known what the Constitution says, permits and prohibits since HIGH SCHOOL. Did we simply quit teaching it? If so, when?


That’s a rhetorical question, right?

Your high school days, like mine, were BEFORE the left took over education.

I mean, the left has had control of the education system for decades now. How would you expect them to teach something they don’t know?

Of course, the answer is NOT knowing a subject has never been an impediment for left-leaning teachers.


That’s because they’re all commies.


Yes. They (public schools) just quit teaching it. In public school when I attended it in 8th grade you had to pass a “Constitution” test during the last 2 months of school. If you didn’t pass it, you didn’t graduate. Teachers in public school (and in some private/parochial schools) have never read or studied the Constitution. As Bobjam says, how can one teach what one does not know? I understand they are no longer teaching cursive handwriting now. Nice.


CT is the absolute authority on teaching and teachers. She’s been around the block on this one.

Each of us may have expertise in certain areas . . . PD in LE, me in Chemistry, RET on Kalifornia, sunsettomy on AGW, FC on aircraft, etc. CT is the go-to person on all things education.


Dershowitz also said that this has caused him to experience weight loss. His “friends” no longer invite him for dinner.


Funny thing, I never had a constitution test in grade school or high school, nor in my first trip through college (when I got my bachelor’s degree). When I went back to school for my computer training (and got an associate degree!!!), I had to take both a state (Illinois) and US constitution test. All my other schooling was in PA, they may be different, but we did have to take a course in Civics, which may have covered that. Also, I think much of it was covered in 8th grade history.