Dershowitz questions Russia counsel: Where's the crime?


He is proud to have voted for the Hildabeast but blows the DemoRats and their pursuit of criminality against Trump away!:howler:


The Ds started making this Russian hacking and collusion claim a year ago and more, and it’s been under investigation for about as long. Even hyper-partisans have acknowledged withing the past month or two that there is no evidence that supports the claim. ZERO. Evidence. Ds willing to acknowledge this fact are not expecting or hoping for such evidence. They are hoping information will come out of the investigation that can be pretzellated into faux scandals and campaign material (including providing a backdoor to obtaining Trump’s tax records).

IOW, Ds are trying to make this “investigation” a taxpayer-paid fishing expedition.


State news agencies in Cuba, North Korea and Ïran have a better record on integrity.

BUT as the USSR learned, a lie told repeatedly becomes accepted as the truth. Even today some older Ruskys think Russia invented the car, electric light bulb, baseball, basketball etc etc etc.

When you become so smart that you are too stupid to question authority (AKA GOVT) you will believe anything.

When I got back from Vietnam in '68 and found myself on a college campus months later, Vietnam was raging on the media everyday. It was also on the lips of most college Profs and students everyday and every class. The draft was still in full swing and the protests were daily.

Suddenly in class there was this big guy who was on the DMZ of Vietnam only a few months ago. The lies and news spin was in full force back then and every draft dodging long hair had a spin on Vietnam…Until I stood up and shut them up with a short line: “You don’t know what the hell you are talking about, I just came from there! Now lets talk about Chap 17 our assignment from our last class…”

I found that their lies could not stand the light of the truth…


we have to impeach so we can find out what the crime is.


That’s actually what the Ds, Libs, and Progs want from the Mueller investigation. They’re hoping for lots of stuff - including Trump’s tax returns of multiple years - they can pretzellate into issues and campaign material against Trump. Whether Mueller will do what they hope could well be another matter.