Dershowitz: Shame on Robert Mueller for exceeding his role


Alan Dershowitz is a liberal but at least he appears to be one of the few honest ones!
(Jonathan Turley is another)

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The Democrats’ “theory” is that President Trump SPECULATING about firing Mueller, et al, constitutes “obstruction” DESPITE the fact that the President did no such thing, denied the Mueller cabal NOTHING that they demanded, including access to Executive Branch employees, documents and even the President himself, who answered in writing every question Mueller, et al, posed to him. Worse yet, the Dimwits wouldn’t even KNOW about those speculations if President Trump’s own staff members weren’t leaking them to the Democrats in the first place.

Secondarily, there can be no “cover-up” unless it’s covering up wrong-doing, i.e. a CRIME. Mueller found NO crime and said so unequivocally and in unambiguous terms, so WHAT do these morons believe is being “covered up?” We KNOW it isn’t criminal behavior. Mueller TOLD us so.


This only proves that Mueller is a nothing but a Democrat who out to stir the pot and keep the political system in turmoil. He is a low life who has no respect for the electoral process. He and AOC and the rest of the radical Democrats are all cut from the same cloth. The only difference between Mueller and AOC is that he is a good deal older and of the male gender.

I had the David Webb show on my XM station. He opined that Mueller was going to settle the issue. “In your dreams,” I thought. Instead of pushing us to combat the REAL issue which is Russian involvement in our elections, he diverted attention from it. Shame on Robert Mueller. He is just an old political hack.


You forget … Mueller is “supposed to be” a Republican.


Mueller a Republican. Yea, just like that dingo of a “Republican” Michigan Congressman who stuck his head out out the swamp today with a flurry of tweets and proceeded settle back in the muck to suck in some more marsh mud.


Like Rush Limbaugh’s description of the “drive-by (liberal) news media,” Mueller should be henceforth known as the “Special Counsel hitman.” He shows up at a press conference, reads a prepared statement, refuses to take questions and further refuses to say more in the future. Like a mafia hitman, he stirs up trouble and then hopes that he can fade into the background with no damage done to himself after he has caused mayhem and destruction.

He deserves to have no credibility, and I hope that this will mark the end of his public career. He has shown very poor judgement and should be ignored in future.


In order to “obstruct justice” there first has to be a crime, or at LEAST a lawsuit, the investigation of which you are trying to “obstruct”. But there is NEITHER in this instance. There was never any “collusion” vis a vis the Russians supposedly interfering in the 2016 election and no one had even filed a lawsuit alleging any wrongdoing on the part of the Trump campaign. In point of fact, we don’t KNOW that the Russians even tried to “interfere” in the election beyond some guys in St. Petersburg buying $100K worth of ads on Facebook. The DNC CLAIMS that the Russians “hacked” their computers, but we have no proof of it because they refused to allow the FBI or anyone else access to their servers. All we have is their “WORD” which is about as reliable as my dog’s bowel movements.


I’ll cut to the chase.

If Mueller and his investigative team had ever been serious about fully investigating possible Russian interference/collusion/conspiracy in our election process his investigation would have included the so-called Steele dossier - the instrument containing completely unsubstantiated and still unfounded/uncorroborated allegations against Donald Trump supplied to Steele by a known Russian operative - a dossier paid for by the DNC - the very instrument used by likely treasonous members of the DOJ to justify several FISA Court warrants granting surveillance authority of both official and unofficial members of the Trump team. The very dossier that is central to the current roiling of our entire political system by way of what I have called a political coup d’etat for over a year.

Yes, the one documented instance of actual collusion and probable conspiracy with a Russian operative- that of the Clinton/DNC paid for dossier containing false information provided by the Russians - an instrument used to justify spying on the Democrat’s political opposition in the 2016 US election and beyond and used in a probable effort to take down an American president and we see nary a glance from Mueller and his so-called investigators.

Ladies and gentlemen, Democrats are not the “loyal opposition”. No, they are simply the opposition. There is nothing loyal about them - they care not one big damn about the constitution, innocent until proven guilty, or the sovereignty of this country.

There can be no doubt that considerable damage has resulted to our negotiations with China and No Korea as a result of the political dumpster fire needlessly created and continuing into the foreseeable future at the hands of our “loyal opposition” (major sarc).

Putin must be holding his sides from the pain created by laughing his ass off at our utter idiocy.

That’s all I have to say.


Do you blame him?


If most Democrats had a choice between Putin and Trump for president, they would vote for Putin. Which leads to the question as to why Russian interference in our elections so important to them?