Desperate CBS News dredges up a 50 year old conversation between Nixon and Reagan


Last night on the CBS News, they took a couple minutes during their half hour report (less time for commercials) to report on a “racist phone call” between President Nixon and California Governor, Ronald Reagan. It occurred after the UN voted to expel Formosa in favor of Red China for membership in that “august body.” Many African nations voted with the Red Chinese, and Nixon compared them to “monkeys.” This conversation was dredged up from 50 years ago from some recently released material from the National Archives.

So what was the purpose? I guess it was to show that Republicans have “always been racist.” Of course “Ms. Martha,” the new CBS anchor, conveniently forgot about the racist Democrat senators who were still in office at the time. I guess writing and supporting Jim Crow laws is not as bad as using some inappropriate language. They also forgot about the Red Chinese human rights record, which has not changed. The only thing that mattered was to remind their viewers about a now irrelevant private conversation.

This is what CBS now markets as “good news” which is what we really know is “fake news.”