Desperate times

Call for desperate measures. Thank god my parents were conservatives

That lady was stupid I get angry when I see stupid people having better jobs than me. They’re just more social not more capable I’m about as sociable as Alex Trebec. I’m nice as a rabbid dog and I care about as much as a stoned mule. Stupid should be a crime and now they have these catch all causes, but stupid people are too stupid to realize they are doing something that puts someone in danger.

This is what the liberal media has created. For one, kids aren’t important unless they’re being touted as victims for liberal causes. #2, the coof is so awful and your life is so precious that your kids don’t matter.

Child abuse isn’t partisan. I’m gonna say something that will shock you all anything to get this economy out of the crapper my 2024 vote is officially up for grabs. I have no idea how it’s gotten so bad so quick. We made it through 2020 and 2021 fine but 2022 looks like crap.

Under that name it isn’t, but things get fuzzier when talking about what’s best for kids (especially in terms of social ideology taught in public schools).

There was a time when the Bible and Black Live Matters were one in the same it was Martin Luther King. That’s the gold standard you can’t change my mind. The CIA actively blackmailed him for trying to win better rights for people of color. Black people are shot daily for little or no reason by the police.

I’d like to see the proof of this, please.

Visit the junkyard news on Youtube. Audit the Audit on youtube is good too. Almost everyday 5 or 6 fatal interactions with the police are uploaded.

Things look like crap right now because we have one party rule by the democrats (i,e, democommies) and they are getting almost everything they want which is the crappy situation that you see in front of you. Now, before everyone goes off on a limb and claim that I;m saying to vote Republican, I’m not saying that. But I am saying that if someone votes democrat, they deserve the crappy situation that they see because they voted for it.

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I’m not doing your legwork for you; you make the claim, you show the evidence.

I did look at that link in your next post. I didn’t see anything that verified your claim that “black people are shot daily for little or no reason by the police.”

Black Americans are killed at a much higher rate than White Americans

Although half of the people shot and killed by police are White, Black Americans are shot at a disproportionate rate. They account for less than 13 percent of the U.S.

Victims by gender

311 female

6,523 male

Shootings happen across the country

um. black people also make up a disproportionate amount of crime too man sorry to rain on your parade

Here is what liberals in hollywood (and therefore everywhere) think of kids. FYI. Just so you know. In case you didn’t. Or are living with your head in the sand. The democrat sand. The democrat sand of LGBTQ+ pedo-ism.

What if I told you black people are arrested more not because of crime commission but because officer placement is in primarily black neighborhoods.

The film was actually criticizing the sexualization of youth, but due to a huge PR campaign by Ted Cruz it had the opposite effect and attracted the wrong demographic. Conservatives stick their head in the sand about adolescent sexuality where liberals actually have a solution which is education.

I’m sure it was, but if someone made a film about criticizing rape by having scenes with people getting raped people might not like it that much just my opinion.

There was a movie called Bum Fights back in 2005, and the guys got 5 felony charges making it but the guy from the national coalition on homeless said it was an eye opener, and the guy who was the head of the national coalition on homeless was like Vermin Supreme he choose to be homeless until he saw huge solutions. So the flim was tasteless but its a real eye opener. Now I haven’t seen Cuties and nor do I care to because I know how much children are exposed to that crap. I never really liked Billie Ellish. Then she wrote an op-ed how porn ruined her sense of sexuality and I had to give her props. The people most in the dark about these issues are the people who can help the least. When you all think it’s Qanon and Satanic pedophiles you lose sight that its market forces driving the sexualization of youth. There is a demand and I am sad to say that there is a demand for that in our society. Just like there is a demand for hitman and heroin. This is something the government has a compelling interest in curtailing but were all so in the dark. Raise a teenager those people know the most. Take to focus groups of parents of teenagers rather than rambling on about some french director on netflix that doesn’t solve anything.

Naw. Wacko conservatives like me speak out about s–t like Cuties and then liberals like you complain about us for doing so.