Despite Being Hillary's Email Scapegoat, Colin Powell Says He's Voting For Her


When D.C. Leaks hacked former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s emails, the findings were entertaining, to say the least. For instance, we found out he did not care for either of the current presidential nominees. He said Donald Trump was an “international pariah.” As for Clinton, “everything she touches she kind of destroys with hubris,” he wrote. Yet, despite the criticism, Powell told the Long Island Association on Tuesday that he’s voting for the Democratic nominee.Follow

This shows he really is a democrat all along


Some slaves returned to their plantations, too. Asked Massa nicely if they could stay in their cabin…jes’ kinda work for ow’s grub, like we alwayz done…

And some people are born slaves. Colin Powell was a House of Shrub built-up creation…I guess to assuage liberal prosperous White Guilt. But a snake is a snake; and a knave is a knave; and Colin Powell reverted to type once he felt he no longer needed the sheltering of the Shrubs.

There’s an old, crude saying that describes this. About how you can take…something…out of the 'hood; but you can’t take the 'hood out of…that thing.


Now why would that surprise anyone since he also supported Obama?


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Being a democrat is a religion. So just because your preacher has flaws doesn’t mean that you turn away from your God.


It has never stopped amazing me when I see some black person, not a drug dealer or rap artist, who has made it big and lives better than a lot of whites revert to how they are just poor downtrodden blacks whom the whites have kept down.


Doesn’t amaze me at all. It’s how they show they’re Down For The Shtruggle. How they show they’re AUTHENTIC. How they’re Keepin It Real.

Because this is what the “leaders” like Jesse Jack-Jaw and Al Schitt-Tongue all say; and what the black sheeple expect to hear. When someone like Clarence Thomas or Walter Williams talks of opportunity and discipline, the black “leaders” all bray, UNCLE TOM!! And the black sheeple bleat their approval.

So the successful blacks, most of them, avoid that.


Powell has ALWAYS been far left, but liked to claim he was a Republican…never was.