Detroit Cop Demoted; Called Black Activists 'Terrorists'


A white Detroit police detective who called the Black Lives Matter movement “racists” and “terrorists” has been demoted, the police chief said Monday.
Nate Weekley is also the brother of a Detroit officer who was charged with involuntary manslaughter in the accidental shooting of a black girl during a raid years ago.
Weekley was disciplined after posting remarks

on Facebook in response to the fatal shooting of five officers in Dallas last week. He wrote that he had considered taking a day off after the “outrageous act perpetrated against my brothers.”
“The only racists here are the … Black Lives Matter terrorists and their supporters,” said Weekley, who also used a crude word to describe the group as excrement.
He has been demoted to officer from detective during an internal investigation, said Chief James Craig, who informed Mayor Mike Duggan.

Detroit Cop Demoted; Called Black Activists ‘Terrorists’ - ABC News

Speaking the truth is **verboten **by this administration. On other news the talk pfa coming race war is getting more prevalent with some blacks promising all out war and many whites saying they are now packing. Welcome to obama’s Nobel Peace prize.


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