DHS Does Not Know Where ‘Missing’ Syrian Refugee Is That Left Louisiana For Washingto


A Syrian refugee that had shortly resettled in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is apparently not being monitored by the Department of Homeland Security, as state officials had originally assumed.

Earlier in the week, the Hayride reported on a “missing” Syrian refugee that had apparently left the Baton Rouge area. Then, the Louisiana State Police confirmed that the refugee was headed to Washington DC to resettle with family in the country’s capitol.

Once in Washington DC, the refugee was apparently supposed to “check in” with authorities there, according to state officials.

However, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), who has been on top of the issue ever since, said he spoke with the Department of Homeland Security today and they confirmed to him that they do not, in fact, know where the refugee is.

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By how many score is this situation multiplied?

There were less than 10 attackers in Paris (as far as we know). Rounding up to 10 and assuming every attacker had anot 2 sympathizers apiece who enabled the, tthat means just 25 or 30 terrorists infiltrated among the tens of thousands of “refugees” BHO wants to bring in could pull off a Paris.