Dick Van Dyke Endorses Bernie Sanders for President (Video)

I know that these people are not much more than puppets, mouthing words and miming expressions written for them but … Rob Petrie?


All that salt air in LA must have pickled his brain.


he looks pickled. He’s lost a lot of weight since 2007.

Not surprised. I always thought he was an intellectual lightweight.

Sometimes this happens to old folks. None of the kids or in-laws could believe it when my father and mother-in-law voted for Hillary in 2016. They had been life long conservative Republicans.

I got a partial answer as to why it happened when I saw my father-in-law’s roster of cable TV channels. He had MS NBC high lighted in yellow. If you watch stuff like that on a regular basis, your mind is bound to deteriorate.

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I don’t care if I have double Alzheimer’s, I’d never be too out of it to vote for any demo-crap. Dick was a raging alcoholic for many years. Not sure if he ever got sober. Doesn’t seem like it, eh?

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