Did anyone on this forum watch the Republican debate last night?


I am surprised there isn’t a post already about this debate. Some serious fireworks against the moderators regarding the substance, or lack thereof, in the questions being asked.


Frankly I did not know it was on. I was reading about it earlier and it seems the candidates showed up the bias of the moderators who were trying to push democrat points. Trump is still on top and Cruz is next in the poll mentioned.


It was a joke for a debate. Apparently the entire panel came together and attacked the moderators, and apparently it was well deserved. I turned it off before that point.

From what I saw, Jeb and Kasich are finished.


One thing this debate showed was candidates have had it up to here with moderators who have bias. We see some moderators throw softball questions at favorites and unfairly use gotcha questions or spin what those candidates say they oppose.


I watched it and came away with a few perspectives:

First, the GOP seemed far more united something which they probably all discussed among each other. After all, there is no sense attacking each other for the right to be the leader who gets to lose to the Democrats, they did far more attacking of the Democrats than in last debate.

Bush is going hard at Rubio, probably due to his perception that he is taking away support for him.

Christie had the best night, even though I don’t personally think he is the best of the lot. He really gave it to the moderators, as did Cruz.

Rubio looks to be the most passionate of the candidates, he is a strong orator who articulates his ideas well.

Some of the questions were awful, and frankly some in bad taste. One particular question asked of Rubio really delved into his personal finances such as him having to get a second mortgage on his home. He responded well by acknowledging that he doesn’t come from a wealthy family and talking about how expensive it is to raise a family. I think he really can do well attracting middle class voters with his background which he rightfully points to as what makes America great: that the son of low income, hard working immigrants can run the United States.


[quote=“shockedcanadian, post:5, topic:47582”]
One particular question asked of Rubio really delved into his personal finances such as him having to get a second mortgage on his home. He responded well by acknowledging that he doesn’t come from a wealthy family and talking about how expensive it is to raise a family.
[/quote]Considering obama was in hock up to his ears while a Senator and it was “favors” by others that got him out of it. Now obama is using the same method he employed privately to put this nation into debt. Unlike then the taxpayers have to foot the bill, those same taxpayers who are footing his partying, vacations, and golfing.


I watched it from start to finish.

The moderators: Their questions were pointed and tough, but they were MUCH, MUCH more than that - they were antagonistic, arrogant - SNARKEY - and framed in such a way that they were more accusatory than probing. In addition, the moderators were argumentative. Clearly, the moderators involved were focused on creating a food fight among the candidates and early on it worked. After about 20 minutes of BS the moderators got it shoved up their collective rectal cavities - especially by Cruz and Rubio, with Rubio calling the fiasco created by the CNBC moderators another example of the mainstream media serving as a Democrat super-pac.

Winners & Losers:

Winners: IMHO - Rubio/Cruz a tie for 1st and Christie 3rd. Carly Fiorina had more air time than anyone else, made some good points, but I would place her in the upper-mid pack in this debate. Huckabee did fine, but his time has passed and IMHO he is going nowhere but out of the race by mid December. Kasich did OK, but offered a rehash of his record in Congress 20 years ago and his exaggerated version of his record in Ohio as governor - I place him lower mid-pack in the debate. Trump added nothing to the debate but his presence and Carson was painfully low-key and a couple of times seemed to have difficulty making a coherent point unless one had listened to him before and knew what he was trying to say - an argument could be made to place both Trump and Carson at or near the bottom of the winner’s bracket off their debate performances last night.

Losers: IMHO - Rand Paul scored only one point all night; the House budget proposal which he intends to filibuster this morning on the floor of the Senate. For the most part, he was a non-factor. Paul is finished, IMO.

The biggest loser was Jeb Bush, IMHO. He brought his F game - in other words, he had little substantive to say and failed to inspire on any level. In addition, he doubled down with the moderators by challenging Rubio’s record regarding votes missed in the Senate while campaigning - Rubio, after disposing of the moderators by exposing their liberal bias, turned to Bush and placed his foot so far up Bush’s ass that Bush will likely never recover.

All of those in the evening’s 1st debate, along with Rand Paul, maybe Jeb Bush and maybe Mike Huckabee will likely be looking for new gigs very soon - the money will be drying up - even Jeb Bush’s; a point that has become very obvious within the past week as he has cut travel and staff significantly.

IMHO - Trump and Carson will remain aloft for a while longer, but their balloons are losing air as they have no “second act”.

While Kasich did OK in the debate, he has had difficulty moving support to his candidacy. My guess is he is pretty much out of the running, but who knows?

After the next GOP debate you will not see 10 candidates on stage again - the field should be winnowed down to 6, 8 tops - IMHO. My guess regarding the 6 or 8, in no particular order - Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Cruz, Rubio, probably Christie, maybe Kasich, maybe Bush. Huckabee could stick around until the Iowa primary, I suppose.

Bottom line - Still very early, but not nearly as early as it once was. As the primaries inch closer, it begins to cost real money for the candidates to get their message out. Along that train of thought, I think Rubio will now begin taking serious support away from Jeb Bush and Cruz might well begin to dig into Trump’s poll numbers.


I did read on one site that Fiorina looked good in her jeans. This brings back memories of questions of boxers or briefs as well as hair color.


I saw just a bit of the debate - my priority last night was watching the World Series (go, Royals!).

Count me as a blind man describing an elephant, but I saw responses I cheered from Fiorina, Cruz and Rubio. I’d have to think each helped themselves. Bush just doesn’t shine; I wouldn’t shed a tear if he were to decide to drop out. I hope Kasich stays in because he’s still my choice if the primary were to be held today, although I remain intrigued by Fiorina. Rubio I like too, but he just seems so young. He’s the likely Veep nominee, I’d say.

Objectively, I’d say Cruz helped himself the most, although I cringed when he suggested we go back to the gold standard. I’m also intrigued by Fiorina’s three-page tax code. That I’ve got to see. Probably a variation on the following:

  1. How much did you earn last year?

  2. How much did you spend last year?

  3. What’s the difference?

  4. Send it in.


Largely agree with you, Jazz. Even on Cruz’s gold standard comment. I very much liked Fiorina’s responses, and my commentary above placing her as upper mid-pack might have been too harsh.


Ted Cruz won PERIOD

He destroyed the “debate” moderators in a statesman like manner without losing his cool. He ticked off a laundry list of all the BS questions given to the other candidates, compared them to the softballs at the recent democrat debate and praised the entire GOP field as more experienced and capable than any of the democrat contenders.

Kasich tried to attack Trump and Trump dismissed the attack as the desperation of someone in last place.

Rubio was very prepared for Jeb’s attack on him regarding missing senate votes and made Jeb look like a fool.

Christie came off as a credible candidate.

I liked Fiorina’s line that “I am Hillary’s worst nightmare” … “you know in your heart that you want to see me debate her” … “I will destroy her”.

Rand Paul touted his upcoming filibuster on the latest GOP sellout on the debt limit and budget.

Carson gave credible replies to his questions but was so low key I can’t remember any of them.


Didn’t watch the “debate.” We can’t go back to the gold standard and I think Cruz will agree once he’s informed about how much of our gold reserves have been stolen by this and previous administrations. Fort Knox is comparatively empty compared to just 40 years ago. Nixon’s VP Rockefeller was responsible for losing a lot of it, using it to pay for oil imports and to buy back dollars from foreign governments.

To quote Ann Coulter’s latest column here: “Even after Trump rocketed to the lead with his immigration policies, the media still refuse to discuss the issue. The demand for ever-more poverty-stricken immigrants from primitive cultures has gone beyond cheap labor and has become a mass hysteria.”


I watched the whole thing. It was entertaining and raucous. I thought the candidates were strong and pushed back on what the moderators were doing.

IMO Rubio came out on top, especially when he put Bush away with the vote thing, and said the Democrats biggest PAC was the MSM. Cruz was second and there were others that did well too.

Trump seemed a lot more subtle than his usual. The moderators didn’t seem to fawn over him like in the past two debates.


The best response of any candidate, in all three debates, was uttered last night by Marco Rubio. It was clear, direct, and focused on the REAL enemies. It’s worth quoting in full:

Last week Hillary Clinton went before a committee. She admitted she had sent e-mails to her family saying ‘hey, this attack in Benghazi was caused by al-Qaeda-like elements’. She spent over a week telling the families of those victims and the American people that it was because of a video. And yet, the mainstream media is going around saying it was the greatest week in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was the week she was exposed as a liar . . . but she has her super-PAC helping her out - the American mainstream media.

 I also have to give props to Lindsay Graham, who in the undercard debate said this:

The number-one candidate on the other side thought she was flat broke after her and her husband were in the White House for eight years. The number-two guy went to the Soviet Union on his honeymoon, and I don’t think he ever came back!


I didn’t see it, but from what I heard on the radio news and consistent with what I’m reading here, the one consensus is that the moderators lost the debate…


On several occasions the moderators seemed to lose control of the debate. Aside from being argumentative and even hostile at times, one could readily discern they showed up ill prepared/not ready for prime time, to the point of stating falsehoods as part of their questions. It got so bad that on one occasion moderator, Becky Quick, accurately quoted Trump regarding a comment he had made about H1 visas, listened as Trump denied he made the statement and then apologized to him. I make it a point to watch political debates - it’s often a good way to judge temperament and the kind of “presence” each one projects. As a result, I have seen dozens of moderator teams over the years - back to Nixon/Kennedy as a matter of fact.

Without any doubt whatsoever, this bunch last night was the worst set of moderators ever assembled. PERIOD!!


As a group ok but individually Candy Crowley holds that distinction.


Pretty much.


The polls gave Trump the win, but Cruz has rocketed to second place.

Vote: Who won the Republican presidential debate?

Who won the Republican presidential debate?

**Donald Trump 46.04%

Ted Cruz 19.96%

Marco Rubio 16%

Ben Carson 4.24%

John Kasich 3.45%

Chris Christie 3.12%

Rand Paul 2.92%

Carly Fiorina 2.57%

Jeb Bush 1.1%

Mike Huckabee 0.6%**

Cruz came up from single digits to second place. That’s just nothing short of amazing.

Trump was very low key, (compared to how he usually is). He has learned a very important lesson. He cannot be hurt by something he doesn’t say.


I would agree that Trump did nothing to hurt himself. The poll you quote is an online poll which tend to be strongly influenced by the enthusiasm of true believers. That isn’t a bad thing but it will distort polls somewhat. I still contend that Cruz won the debate in terms of content, strong leadership and presidential demeanor.

I expect that in a week or so when some real polls appear that Cruz will get a huge bump probably more at Carson’s expense than Trump’s. I don’t forsee Trump moving much up or down. Of course, Jeb and Kasich are toast but their support will likely shift to Rubio or Christie.