Did Hillary Clinton concede the 2016 election to Trump?

Simple question.

Does anyone here at RO think Clinton didn’t concede the election?

I thought she did after her total meltdown on Election Night, but to tell you the truth I don’t remember because I was so pleased with the result.

Some Democrats never concede. Stacy Abrams is still claiming that she won in Georgia despite the vote count.

I never SAW her concession, only that CNN reported that she HAD.

Well, the “Hillary never conceded” lie is beginning to make its rounds among the far-right

So I’d like to know, before this lie picks up steam, does this, in your mind constitute a concession?

It’s SORT of a concession, I suppose. Most losers make their concession speeches when it becomes apparent that they’ve lost. Hillary apparently threw a tantrum when she realized she’d been beaten like a drum. Her weasel-words about “working with Trump” were just that. She IMMEDIATELY set out to undermine his presidency and hasn’t stopped yet.

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Hillary is a spoiled brat. She thought that she was **entitled ** to the presidency. She thinks she is the most talented politician there is. Actually she is one of the most ham-handed politicians I have ever seen. Bill has some political talent; she doesn’t.

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I don’t want to wade through 24 minutes of Democrat platitudes to verify your claim, so I’ll take your word for it.

But what I remember is on election night, way into the wee hours, well after it became clear she lost, she sent Podesta out there to sort of concede for her. Boy or boy did the Democrats in that room seem glum.

The only point is, she did, in fact, concede.

I have a sneaking suspicion, and you can come back later and tell me I’m paranoid if I’m wrong, but I have a suspicion, as the election approaches, Trump and his minions are going to plant the seed that Hillary and her minions never actually conceded the election.

I think he’ll do this because I don’t believe that Trump will concede if he loses.

Now, I’ll happily admit I was wrong, if he loses and steps down, but I don’t think he will.

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He’s HIGHLY unlikely to lose at this point. But then, who knows to what sleazy levels the Democrats are likely to stoop between now and the election. They haven’t shown the bottom of their depths even yet and they’ve sunk lower than any other party in our history so far.

Funny, because that’s exactly how I feel when it comes to Trump and the R’s (see bolded).

If President Trump loses, he’ll lose to either a communist intent on destroying America as we know it or to a nincompoop that will be nearly as bad for our future.

But if COVID-19 tanks the economy and the voters blame the president of the US instead of the president of China, they may indeed hold their noses and vote for someone else. If, God forbid, that happens, why oh why would he not concede?

If memory serves, in the 2018 election, we had a Democrat polling official that said he “found” a box of ballots in the trunk of his car that he forgot to count. You just can’t make this stuff up! If there’s nothing blatant that screams fraud, I’m sure he would concede. (Though it’s very unlikely we will ever know.)

If he loses, it makes no difference who he loses too, it’s still losing and he’ll have to step down like all the other presidents before him.

Here’s the rub…

He’ll obviously scream fraud, he did that already in the election he won, imagine what it will be like when (admittedly if) he loses.

I’m curious though if the President was so concerned about fraud, why not make that a top priority of his presidency. To assure that ALL kinds of fraud are eliminated?

We know that Russia and other actors are trying to hack our elections. The only “fraud” the President seems focused on are claims of dead people voting and people being bused over from Mexico, which of course, is BS.

So yeah, when he loses he will claim MASSIVE, historic fraud. he’ll claim there was an election coup and people like you will eat it up no matter how little actual evidence is offered to support it.

Though it a long time from now, IF he wins, I predict 5 years from now he’ll try to change the rules or refuse to step down…

If you remember during the debate, he was asked a question something like, would you concede if you lose?

What a stupid question! What possible value does that question have to the voters? It was asked to set him up. If he said yes, the headlines would blare something that would sound like he already conceded. He wisely understood what they were doing and declined to give them their stupid headline.

Do you remember Hillary’s answer. She said yes. That was why we found it so ironic when she initially sent Podesta out there instead of directly conceding herself. And I think this issue is what motivates your question now.

Also, of course, you recall when Rev. Al Gore lost to George Bush, he dragged us though recount after recount of dimpled and hanging chads until the Supreme Court said enough is enough. So the Democrats have earned a rep.

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If you’ve missed it, he spent a lot of time, energy, political capital and money building a wall on the southern border. That keeps thousands and thousands of illegals out of our country. Without that wall, there would have been a huge reserve of undocumented, unaccounted for warm bodies that could be called upon to stuff the ballot box.

Doesn’t that count as fighting fraud in a big way?

Russians live in Democrats’ minds. The only election interference they pulled off in 2016 was to run a few facebook ads. I’ve heard that measures have been put in place to prevent that.

And even Obama agreed that it would be extremely difficult to tamper with ballots precinct by precinct.

The real threat of election interference is a fraudulent impeachment and non-stop investigations for the purpose of wrongfully casting doubt on our most excellent president.


don’t democrats know how to work a sound system?

And what is the point of this topic? MEANING…what are you getting at?

The lying sneaking witch knew what she had done…presents that face to the public while she is doing her evil behind the scenes…just like the gay Kenyan prince. I know it is probably too much to hope they both end up in orange pantsuits by man’s law…but they will under God’s law.

President Trump (still rankles doesn’t it?) has never claimed someone was “bused over from Mexico.” He DID say–and rightly so, in my opinion–that there was massive vote fraud in Kalifornia. The Kalifornians REFUSED to allow his investigative commission access to Kalifornia vote records…not even their REGISTRATION records which are undoubtedly FULL of illegals–at least those who got drivers licenses IN Kalifornia. If you’re told you CAN register to vote when you get a DL, what would make you think you can’t also VOTE and why wouldn’t you go cast a vote for the Party that you believe wants to make you “legal” by fiat?

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As soon as we get another dem in the white house you watch…Russia will be our big buddy again according to dems.

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