Did Jesus have a wife?


newly discovered fragment of Coptic writing suggests some early Christians believed Jesus was married, a Harvard scholar argued in a paper presented Tuesday.
Karen L. King, a historian at Harvard Divinity School, presented her finding Tuesday at a meeting of Coptic scholars.
In her paper, King notes that the papyrus is the “only extant ancient text which explicitly portrays Jesus as referring to a wife. It does not, however, provide evidence that the historical Jesus was married, given the late date of the fragment and the probable date of original composition only in the second half of the second century.”

At the Tenth International Congress of Coptic Studies on Tuesday, King spoke about her finding and her study of the papyrus fragment, which was provided by anonymous private collector who contacted her to analyze it.

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I really do not know but this controversy has popped up before and this may be proof or just another example of someone in the past trying to put their spin on Christianity such as the Gnostic Bible


Yeshua was a common name in that time. I would have to see what the writing was before jumping to the conclusion that Yeshua “Jesus” was married, or even thinking it was a possibility.

The articles says that Yeshua is defending his wife form possibly a disciple, we know this would not be the case as Yeshua is Rabbi and his wife would bot have to be defended from one of his disciples. During this period in Jewish law the only person that had any "contact’ with a Rabbi’s wife was the Rabbi. Furthermore the ONLY female that is allowed to touch a Rabbi or he is allowed to touch is his wife. We know that at different times different women touched Yeshua he also touched other women when healing.

I doubt that Yeshua was married.


I saw where that has been debunked as a fake. Turns out they bought that in a market stall…


Where’d you see that, if you don’t mind?

It’d be hard to conclude anything from this fragment, given it’s not even a complete sentence let alone fit for official canon.


Sure, I read it at breakfast this am in the San Antonio paper, Gospel of Jesus’ wife fragment is a fake, Vatican says | Reuters


Somebody is always coming up with some nonsense or other like that. “Yeshua” is also the same as the name “Joshua;” in fact, a couple of places in the NT where the name “Jesus” is used, it is actually referring to “Joshua,” who took over the leadership of the Israelites when Moses died.

I can’t remember whether I read, or heard it, but it was recently, and it was something about people who tried to disprove the Bible with archeology. Thing is, no one has ever been able to disprove anything in the Bible using archeology. A number of people have tried to disprove the Bible because it mentions places not known historically - not mentioned anywhere but in the Bible - so they set out to prove that these places/people never existed. Lo and behold, their research backed up the Bible. One notable group of people that this happened with, or about, or whatever, were the Hittites. Some archeologist or other was going to “prove” that the Hittites never existed, since they were mentioned only in the Bible, so he started his research where the Bible seemed to indicate they had lived. And instead of disproving the Bible, it supported it. In fact, many archeologists will use the Bible as a starting point for their research.


I thought Joshua the modern translation of the Greek for Jesus. I.E. They’re the same name.


What’s you point again, Trekky? Yeshua, Jeshua, Joshua are all the Aramaic/Hebrew name. Ja meaning God, Shua meaning Saves. It is a common name. It was translated in the Greek to Jesus , Latin to Jesu.
The fabric in question was shown to be a fake, not even in the same date.


I was responding to Susanna. I don’t think there’s any Joshua’s besides Jesus in the Bible.


Joshua son of Nun lead the people to the promised land after Moses died. Many Joshuas in the Bible.


She said New Testament, though. Was there a separate Joshua leading the disciples?


??? what are you asking? Jesus , in His time was never called Jesus, He was Called Yeshua. That was His Hebrew Name. actually in Hebrew, As Joseph was His earthly Father, He would possibly have been announced as Yeshua bar Yoseph or as He WAS the Son of God , He could be called Yeshua bar El. Mostly while He was on His ministry he was calles Master or Rabbi [ Teacher]


Maybe if I quoted Susanna.



WOW, kool, what part of Texas did they settle in?


It is possible that it is someone/group trying to put their spin on Christianity.

I think that it is entirely possible/plausible/probable that he had a wife.

If he did, or didn’t, it doesn’t change my belief on single bit.


First Jesus WAS God, He had no need for a wife, and was HERE for the singular job of rescuing mankind from their sin and folly.
Second, man is continually striving to remake God and Christ into their human equivalant.




Well it does say right in the bible that Christ is fully man fully God.


And He came with a purpose, that was to die. He had to be man to bear the sins of man, and God to take the sins away.
Too many supposed scholars want to take man off message and off the Biblical Truths of God.


I don’t understand why that’s necessary. Can you explain it?

(I’m completely serious here. What’s the Christian reasoning behind becoming a man and coming to Earth to die?)