Did Kim win in Singapore?



Wait, let me guess…The National Review is a liberal rag that’s part of the “deep state”?


The author assumes that a path to eventual re-unification under Kim is non-negotiable, hence ICMB shutdown and nuclear shutdown are also non-negotiable. Assuming he is correct, Trump will give them squat. He will not abandon the ROK (South Korea) support and commitments. If you don’t know that, you don’t know Trump. The war game cancellation was just that, a gesture with no long term impact. Trump will not fall for some BS plan like ALL previous administrations. I believe he will go to war as a last resort.


True. Even President Trump has said why he ACTUALLY agreed to cancel war games. They’re TOO EXPENSIVE and don’t accomplish much. It’s a 6-hour flight to and from Guam, just for example.


I dunno, but this is pretty accurate:

Trump took a different approach. What part of it do you disagree with?


While it may be true that Trump gave some and got nothing in return . . . YET . . . I think it’s premature . . . wayyyy too early . . . to make any judgement.

For example, Pompeo is there for another session right now.


Do you know what will be done in that session? If not, then you spoke too soon.

What makes you think you know it’s over and Trump is done?


What a dumb article. It doesn’t mention or even hint at the real motivator: GPS-guided 500 pound bombs. The news media never mentioned it, but twice already, President Trump and allies have delivered swarms of smart bombs to pinpoint accuracy in Syria to destroy first aircraft that delivered chemical weapons and then factories that manufactured chemical weapons. That capability is the elephant in the room.

Don’t you think President Trump might have mentioned to Kim that we know where he is day and night and we can obliterate him anytime we want? (No doubt Kim casts a big, satellite-trackable electronic shadow wherever he goes.) And does anyone think he wouldn’t do it if he felt it was necessary?

The article barely mentions and then dismisses the sanctions which are key to the pressure we’re putting on Kim. Of course China wants to relax them and cheat regardless. President Trump has already called them out on it. And even while making a negative point, the article confessed that the sactions are working.

The article seemed to imply that the president didn’t know that the Mt. Mantap test facility was damaged and no longer usable. Of course he knew! Its collapse registered as an earthquake. It was on the news numerous times. But are we really sure it wasn’t still useful for something? Witnessing its decommissioning was something, not nothing.

Grief, how ignorant to think the president placed any weight on the “Destiny Pictures” video. It was just a little sugar cookie the president dangled in front of Kim’s eyes as a parting shot.

Whether President Moon’s flattering comments about the Nobel Peace Prize had any impact on that appetite cannot yet be determined.

Hah! There is zero chance that President Trump will ever be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, even if he brings peace to the whole world. That prize has nothing to do with peace. It’s awarded for advancing leftist ideals. President Trump knows this. However, if he succeeds, they may award the prize to Kim just to snub the good guy.


I won’t argue weather or not war games are worth the money spent, but if it was about the money, Trump could have canceled them before his trip to Singapore.

The point is that Trump capitulated something he did not have to and unless he got something for it in return, why give Kim the win, symbolic though it may be?

If anyone believes that Kim is going to be lulled into a false sense of security because of Trump’s gesture, IMO, they aren’t assessing Kim very well.


Sure, I agree.

I didn’t speak, I posted an article and wanted to get the opinions of people here, which many have been happy to oblige and I appreciate it.

First, I didn’t make any judgments about this being over or not, that is, unless you believe that I wrote the article for the National Review, in which case I’m flattered.

What I think about Trump and his ability or lack thereof to negotiate has nothing to do with what’s happened so far with respect to what’s happened in his negotiation with Kim.

I’m not making any claims here as of yet. I will admit that I’M skeptical of Trumps ability to negotiate to get what he wants and if it does end in war or Kim breaking off talks or he continues to develop his nuclear program (which there are reports saying that he is doing) I’d consider that a loss for Trump.

Having said that, despite what others might think, most of the people that I know that are left of center, would happily put aside their dislike of this President if it meant peace in Korea.


What mistakes do I think have been made so far? The most obvious is the fact that the administration never seems to be on the same page. Maybe that’s by design, though I doubt it. Either way, it sends the message that Trump isn’t really in control.

Claiming that the DPRK has agreed to full denulceartzation, before anyone knows what it means in this context is a mistake. Clearly, the DPRK has not agreed to denuclearize.

When Trump makes claims about things that clearly haven’t happened he puts himself in a position where he has to admit he claimed something that wasn’t true or he had to continue to distort the truth even more or be forced to admit he’s wrong (something he sucks at).

Kim will never denuclearize - willingly. Threatening him with “devastation” is meaningless given what’s happened to other leaders the US has sacked. So either way, Kim see’s that denuclearize will end up with him dead. Trump’s promises and 25 cents will get Kim a cup of coffee.

The fact that Trump appears to think that his saber rattling will bring Kim to capitulate is something I suspect will be talked about for generations, specifically how it failed.

However, don’t perceive my pessimism to Trump’s approach as a desire to see Trump fail. I can simultaneously disagree with his method and desire to see him succeed at the same time…


And how do you disagree with the way NK was handled over the preceeding 16+ years?


So Trump’s promise is worth at least $1.25? I haven’t seen a 25¢ cup of coffee since looong before I started drinking it! :wink: