Did Oswald Act Alone

Who thinks that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone?

Now remember, the big Warren Commission with all the wise government grey beards said that he did. And the case for the conspiracy lost in court.

But then again, JFK the Movie was extremely popular, well laid out, and most Americans believed it.

So? Who is correct?

Next question:

The assassination of a president is a serious matter, very serious. After the Warren Commision made its report, should that not have been the end of it? Shouldn’t the film directed by Oliver Stone have been banned and Stone ridiculed as a conspiracy whacko? After all, the might government, the Left’s god, had spoken, right?
And all the people who thinks that Oswald did not act alone, shouldn’t we consider them to be nutjobs?

By now I am sure that most of you see where I am going with this, and see the utter hypocrisy that I am shining a light on.

Well I guess I’m a nut job. I used to think it was a conspiracy. But then I looked the evidence.

Oswald was a loner malcontent that the U.S. Marines taught too well how to shoot a rifle. He bought a gun for something like $16 and got all breaks that made his assassin an success.

The wild card is Jack Ruby, who didn’t do anyone any favors. Maybe the mob hired him to do the hit, but if they did, it’s hard to think that everyone kept their mouth shut.

Oswald acted alone, but there’s a plausible theory put out by Howard Donahue, the only ballistic investigator who recreated the shot in the 1960s investigation.

His claim is that the 3rd shot/ simultaneous to the 3rd shot was an accidental discharge by a Secret Service member in a rear vehicle.


I prefer this conspiracy theory.

Short version: JFK travels back in time to assassinate himself because if he lives long enough, he will end up disgraced and in jail. The way, at least he achieves some form of immortality.

I worry when people start talking about assassinations of a president. People get ideas .