Did Trump Just Hint at Building the Border Wall Using the Military?


Um, this is the second year of his presidency with a GOP controlled Congress. Do you see a wall being built?


Actually yes. Try to pay attention to what’s ACTUALLY happening instead of what MSNBC tells you is going on.


Oh, I see. And where is the evidence for this wall being built? And is Mexico paying for it?


That is good, just keep typing!


It’s going on. Try going TO the border to see it happening and stop listening to MSNBC and CNN for your information. They are serving you VERY poorly.


I live two hours from San Diego. I’m sure you can find SOME conservative outlet that’s covering this supposed wall construction.


Not exactly a liberal source, is it?

  1. When did Ann Coulter become the voice of Conservatism?
  2. When did Ann Coulter or you ever construct anything, I doubt either of you could claim a dog house project on your resume much less a multi thousand mile fence that is opposed by both Party’s in Congress.

Bids have been requested and multiple builders are working on designs and bids, prototypes have been erected for consideration and Trump is not backing off the pressure on either Party to get funding; he is also actively pursuing creative funding solutions like using a portion of the military budget.

It has been one year, that is pretty damn good considering he has no friends in Congress on this issue; Trump will get this done and Mexico will ultimately pay the tab.

If he had any doubts about getting it done he would use the Congressional opposition as an excuse to drop it, he would not be keeping the issue front and center as a reminder of failure on a huge campaign promise.

The Left claimed victory 3 times on Obamacare in the last year as Trump failed to get the GOP to keep their promise, he never dropped it; he just kept applying different strategies. The last strategy was to repeal the mandate, which nullifies the entire law without repealing it; so please keep claiming victory on the fence :wink:


Mexico refused. Even if we took it out of the money we subsidize them with, it would take years, and would still be us paying for it.

Sorry RET, but this doesn’t look likely. More likely they just do what they did with China, and make them buy more products to “even out” the trade imbalance.


If Obamacare is nullified, how come I can shop on exchanges for subsidized insurance plans and the Medicaid expansion is still in effect? Possibly because obamacare is not nullified?

There has been no evidence provided that any wall is being built. There was no money allocated for a wall. Mexico is not going to pay for it, neither will the military.

Start living in reality.


Not speaking of the wall in particular, but you first…


Very good, just keep digging :+1:


Hey, you’re free to provide evidence to back up your claim. That’s usually how it works.


Ann is a bomb thrower. I sometimes find her entertaining but she is acting like she wants the President to become the demagogue who oversteps his constitutional authority just like Obama.


She seems to be wanting him to build the wall he promised to build.

Because it seems to not be happening.


It only “seems” that way, Malerin. Keep watching.


Keep digging!


Every Open Border supporter should have the exterior Doors removed from their Homes and have all the Fences surrounding their Property torn down.

Then a Billboard should be placed in their Front Yards that says, Bienvenidos, Mi Casa es su Casa.

The same should apply to everyone living in Section 8 Housing up to Multi Million Dollar Mansions.

Talk is cheap.