Did Trumps lawyer really just argue in court that Trump could murder someone and not be charged?

Are you ashamed of what you are? The only conservative position I can recall you taking was when the Governor of Virginia decided that it was okay to kill babies after they had been born. Otherwise you post like a party-line Socialist Democrat. You take their positions and attack Trump on a regular basis.

I used to think I was “a moderate.” I am pro-choice very early in a pregnancy, support gay marriage so long as the government does not force specific churches to recognize it, would vote for a gay candidate if I agree with them on issues and support the concept of “compensating the losers” who going through a rough patch in the economy.

Since I don’t support live birth infanticide, socialism and the current witch hunt against President Trump, I guess now I’m a conservative. Pretty soon all people, who oppose massive state take-overs of the economy, will be conservatives or worst yet “reactionaries.”

In two and a half years, your party has never given Donald Trump a chance to execute his office without harassment. Only Abraham Lincoln was treated that way by the slave holding South.

After the Mueller Report showed no Russian collusion, that should have ended the matter. But it didn’t. Next you heroes claimed “obstruction of justice.” When that failed you went for this phony Ukrainian story. When that fails, I’m sure that your champion, Adam Schiff, will have more stories he has invented.

If Trump is re-elected, we have four more years of impeachment proceedings and constant complaining from your party. If the Democrats continue to control Congress, they will do nothing for the benefit of the American people, if they continue this course of action.

You children have had your share of “participation trophies.” You should be happy that you have done all you could to make the hardest job in the world even harder. But no, that’s not enough. You will continue with your temper tantrums as long as Donald Trump is in office.

One of things that has made our political system successful has been smooth transitions of power from the administration to another. Other countries have ended up in civil wars when leaders stepped down. For the United States, that only happened once, when Abraham Lincoln was elected.

Now the conduct of YOUR PARTY is threatening to put this country in turmoil again. You can’t win the argument with your ideas, so you use the courts and turn the House Representatives into a “kangaroo court” instead of a legislative body. Your party has a shameful record, Mr. Brown.

So far Bill Clinton is concerned, I have posted here several times that I would not have voted for impeachment, and I would not have voted to convict him. He did not commit an impeachable offense. I didn’t like him. He was slippery and sleazy, but he didn’t do enough rate removal from office.

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hale yes i’m accusing you of deception. YOu cant write one thing in the title and then it doesn’t show up in the video. That quote was taken back before Mr. Trump became president and if I remember correctly it was a joke about some of his supporters. IF I remember correctly . But that’s what the left does. They take it out of context, ignore that it was done in humor and you try to make it chargeable and prosecutable.

you deceived the other posters here. It’s that simple.

and I don’t call most trump supporters martyrs…there are some…like the 56 year old man that was blindsided by antifa creep and he fell and caused some serious damage. How about that guy… bike lock man ERic Clanton, who was hit and run attacking trump supporters with a bike lock causing damage to most of them. I also remember a young woman, alone in a hostile crowd and she was relentlessly pelted with eggs. That had to hurt wouldn’t you say? and not even the police (anti trumpers) would let this poor young woman into the building for her own protection. Old men, animals and young people have been attacked by these cowards…for a shirt, a hat, a vote, support…and you don’t call that a problem!!!

Well I pray you are JOKING.

do you even listen to the Main stream EneMedia?? Of course they attack Trump supporters DAILY…as do the democrats also. Deplorables, racists, knuckle draggers, toothless, incestuous, unintelligent, Nazis, fascists…and on and on and on.

Not “my party”

Because his corruption reaches back to his campaign before he took office. This is why his former personal attorney and former campaign manager are in jail and his former DNI and campaign advocate awaits sentence.

Clinton (Bengazi - Emails) and Holder F&F) were both investigated by a Republican Congress and neither are in jail…

Where were you from 2008-2016?

You must have a different copy of the report than I do.

In Trump’s own words he extorted the Ukraine government for political favors.

Corruption breeds scrutiny.

And yet, it does.

No, that scenario was argued in open court, all on the same day. All you have to do is listen to the links I gave you.

You’ve completely misunderstood what’s happeneing here.

Didn’t say you did, you were just acting like a martyr:

Not familiar with that, but let’s say your right, what do you think I’m going to say, do you really think I’m going to defend someone for hurting someone else like that?

That said, should I ask you about the man who ran over and killed the woman in Charlottesville. Should I say “See what your side does”?

And I rememebra black man sucker punched at a Trump Rally. I also remember a woman who waspushed and shoved at another rally.

Should I hang their actions on you? Is that how “your side” acts?

I don’t know you Caroline, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you don’t condone these actions any more than I do. But to act like this is a sickness that belongs only to the left is to have a pretty selective memory.

Some do, sure, but I seem to recall hearing some outrageous racial slurs when Obama was in office, but again, I don’t hang the actions of a few on everyone on the right.

You say you are not a Democrat, and yet you parrot every one of their talking points in much the same language. Are you ashamed of your party, Mr. Brown?

What, you think I’m 19 or something? As if you could shame me. Go troll someone else.

No use arguing with CSB, Send. He THINKS he’s smarter than anyone else here and no matter how often you point out to him that he’s really not, he persists anyway.

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As Harry Truman once said, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

I’ll argue that the left was already (and still is) doing that. I think Trump is screwing up some things, but he’s also getting some critical ones right. And I’ll also argue that the DNC doesn’t give a rat’s rear end about accountability; they just want Trump gone because he’s getting in the way of their ambitions.

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Now here’s where I turn myself into a lightning rod: SendGOP, Caroline, PD, I roll my eyes at some of the nonsense you’ve posted in this thread. I’d point it out, but you’d rationalize it away anyway.

Countdown to vitriol in five… four… three… two…

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Republicans are no different. Not that makes it ok, but the parties feed off each other.

Honestly, our system is falling apart because it requires something you cannot legislate. A commitment to ethics and frankly both parties political desires far outweigh their commitment to ethics which leaves some of us having to supoport people we’d rather not.

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I won’t say he’s he’s done nothing right, but he’s made it clear that there is a large part of the population he doesn’t give a crap about. Naturally those people feel completely isolated and afraid. I would also say he’s overshadowed his own accomplishments with his abject failures.

Believe it or not, I sympathize with people in extremely rural areas of the south and the west when it comes to dems and how they handle policy sometimes. I think it isolates people and makes them angry and you get reactions, like the TEA party.

Honestly, this country does best when we are under threat by an easily identifiable enemy. We don’t have that today. Threats are asymmetric and as a result we’ve taken to turning on each other.

Sticks and stones and all that…

Oh yeah…

You sill haven’t met the challenge. Please find the the part of the Constitution that says “The only CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDY for any president’s lawlessness is impeachment.”

If you are rolling your eyes over my comment that we are at risk for a police state in this country, I would suggest that you stop rolling them, and get them wide open. The truth is beginning to come out in an official manner.

You can’t have senior officials in the FBI and Justice department manipulating testimony for political purposes. You can’t use the justice system to punish your political opponents. If you allow that, our republican system of government is finished.

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No. YOU show us where in the Constitution it says that the President CAN be indicted, arrested and perp-walked while serving in office. The SCOTUS has rendered this decision. Try not to be quite so obtuse.

The burden is on you, you made the claim. Thus, you’ve failed to meet the challenge.

I’ll make you deal, Mr. Brown. When Donald Trump murders somebody, I’ll join you in supporting his impeachment. How does that sound?

In mean time perhaps the Democrats will open up their “super secret, double probation” impeachment inquiry some day. They are now holding it in a skiff, which is a super secret room, driven by a super secret whistle blower with super secret minutes that Republican member of Congress can’t read. All we hear is what the super secretive congressmen, Adam Schiff, chooses to leak to the liberal press.

All of this at taxpayer expense, while the Democrat controlled Congress gets none of the people’s business done … Although I have been informed the Democrats have passed legislation to name a few post offices. Now THAT is a great legislative accomplishment!

Wrong. You are asking me to prove a negative. YOU bear the burden of proving YOUR contention that the President CAN be indicted, etc.