Dinesh D'Souza's take on Trumpism


I really really appreciate Dinesh D’Souza’s analysis of politics today and his historical perspective. This quote comes to us from a speech he gave at Liberty University last November. (YouTube)

Reagan lived in a different time.  And a different tone was appropriate.  If
Trump appears to be a mud wrestler, it's not because he created all this chaos
and division.  It created him.

Republicans nominated one Boy Scout after another like Romney and saw
them beaten to a pulp and finally they realized the other side has gone
gangster on us.  Let's kind of have a gangster on our side, or at least let's
have a boss.

So I explain Trumpism as a response to the pecurliarities of our time.


Trump has come on the scene when we needed him. The extreme Democrats are no longer rational. They have no interest in compromise. They want what they advocate with no discussions. Just look at the snowflakes on the college campuses. Academic freedom is dead.

Socialism is what they want with no compromises even though many of them don’t know what pure socialism is. They don’t realize that pure socialism demands an end to property rights, and government control over most aspects of many people’s lives. They are not aware of what the Soviet Union was like or what it is like in Venezuela. They think those examples are exceptions, not the rule, if they know anything about those results at all. Most young socialists are blissfully ignorant, like their icon, AOC.