Disabled woman beaten bloody by TSA agents


A disabled woman was beaten bloody by federal agents during an airport security screening while on her way to undergo treatment for a brain tumor.
Hannah Cohen set off the metal detector at a security checkpoint at the Memphis International Airport, and she was led away for additional screening, reported WREG-TV.

“They wanted to do further scanning, (but) she was reluctant — she didn’t understand what they were about to do,” said her mother, Shirley Cohen.
Cohen said she tried to tell agents with the Transportation Security Administration that her 19-year-old daughter is partially deaf, blind in one eye, paralyzed and easily confused — but she said police kept her away from the security agents.

Disabled woman beaten bloody by TSA agents after becoming confused and afraid at security checkpoint

I can vouch that not all disabled people can be easily spotted until they speak. These morons need to be brought up on charges and put in prison.


I can vouch that not all disabled people can be easily spotted until they speak.

Or even after they speak! I have a cousin who is partially deaf, and some one unaware of it would be very unlikely to figure it out (I didn’t, for years, until my Mom told me). Her father was also partially deaf - only one inner ear - and it wasn’t discovered until he was in the service and through basic training (his family didn’t know until then!).


They beat her because they could and she was an easy beat down…


Sometimes “TSA theater” gets out of hand.

They can beat up a disabled women, but they can’t find a bomb when their testers try and get it passed them. Go figure.

But look at the bright side. They are government union employees (The American Federation of Government Employees), and their union pays their part of dues got back to Democrat Party to help Democrats get elected. That’s called “money laundering,” but it’s all for a good cause. :angry:

That’s why the Democtats in Congress pushed through the bill that created their agency so to it that they would be government instead of private employees.


TSA is FULL of Muslims, men and women…