Disaster shelter offers full kitchen, flat-screen TV

  • Could a “Doomsday Bunker” protect your family in case of disaster? One local business thinks so and is offering tours of anAtlas corrugated pipe shelter.

Al’s Army Navy Store in Altamonte Springs is selling a 32x10-foot shelter. The unit is designed to go 20 feet underground, and can offer protection from hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters

“We love to call it the fear factor – just kind of preparing for something. They can’t put a finger on it, whatever may or may not happen,” said Jeremy Ross, the store’s assistant manager.
The shelter looks a lot like a studio apartment. Bunk beds line the walls, and offer extra storage underneath. You’ll find a flat-screen TV, couch and full kitchen in the living area. It even has an escape hatch.

Disaster shelter offers full kitchen, flat-screen TV | News - Home

I am reminded of so long ago when bomb shelters were still being built for the prospect of a nuclear war. Nowadays this concept has been remarketed for emergency shelters from natural disasters or other mayhem.

Think back to the year 1999 when we were told that we need to built shelters before everything went belly up and the sky would fall because computers only registered two digits instead of four for the year.

Later after 9-11 what was in the wind were stories of needing plastic and duct tape for the Radical Muslim invasion. Remembr all the alerts on TV from Homeland Security?

One thing for sure if one lives long enough, they will see some entrepreneur repackage something and try to sell it as something new and different and absolutely vital.


I don’t need one of these for anything other than a nuclear shelter. I have a swamp.