Disband the Republican Party


What does it stand for ??? Anyone really know ??? Sure they have a “platform” but NOBODY pays any attention to the platform.

Look at recent history; Bush #1 “read my lips” goes along with the democrats and raises taxes and loses reelection.

Republicans nominate “liberal” Dole and lose, of course republicans call him a “moderate”.

McCain another liberal (moderate ? :rofl:) loses.

Romney another liberal (moderate ? :Thud:) loses.

Now the republicans in the house are probably going to agree to MORE taxes.

So what’s the point ?
What do they stand for ?
Some here say expecting republicans to stand for something is being a “purist”.

So republicans should be jello ?
If they are going to be jello, they should call themselves “the Jello Party”…a better description.

I now call myself a member of the Constitution Party. Are they better ? Time will tell.

For me, I don’t want to be a member of the “Jello Party”.

Bill Kristol…an obvious liberal since he continues to agree with democrats about raising taxes.



Woo, Bucks. Welcome to the Fringe! :smiley:


We have cookies



They would disband from lack of support if Conservatives finally got the message and quit trying to “reform” them and just left for a Party that is not ashamed of Conservative Principles.

I noticed the Constitution Party did drop their juvenile appeasement/isolationist foreign policy fantasy that they were trumpeting a couple years ago so that might be an option now for me.

Whether that is where I land or not I am done with the GOP apart from being the biggest pain in their butt that I can be between now and the day those Establishment Liberals are sitting alone in one room discussing whether they should join the Democrat Party as a group or spread out over several months.