Discriminate! Discriminate! Doctor Who branded 'thunderingly racist'


Through all his incarnations, Doctor Who has fought selflessly to ensure the survival of all manner of life forms across the Universe.

But now an international group of academics has branded the heroic Time Lord ‘thunderingly racist’.

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There are those who use the word racism to try to belittle an argument or a situation although many times the facts are in counter to the allegation.

In the TV show through out the various incarnations of the Dr., he meets all sorts of beings and the only time he shows animosity when that race is war like. Even then, he still has friends of that race.

Translate to real life and we have radical Muslims who enjoy killing or raping, molesting others, all in the name of hate toward others.So if you dislike those who do this then you are a racist to the apologists who think that you are the quilty one.


Yes, the progressives must label as many things as possible as being racist. Their power depends upon it.


Stunning ridiculous take on a stunningly PC but good TV series. I would love to see our Affirmative Action anti-property, anti-liberty crowd defend this. It should be good for some serious laughs. It’s no wonder we have some of the conversations we do.

Pretty soon: Your existence as a white dude is racist! If you weren’t, you’d paint your skin black, but that would be racist blackface; therefore you can be nothing but a racist.


Watch BBC bend over backward to to fend off such stupid criticism and cast the next Doctor as a Jewish quadriplegic black lesbian.


Never watched this show. Doesn’t sound like I want to now…


Is good show!

But apparently bigoted like most of us here at RO.


Darn! I was hoping for the next Dr. Who to be a transexual, NAZI, eskimo.


I have seen it a few times. I just never really followed it enough to get it.


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:7, topic:39626”]
Darn! I was hoping for the next Dr. Who to be a transexual, NAZI, eskimo.
[/quote]That could happen if the criticism gets too fierce.


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:7, topic:39626”]
Darn! I was hoping for the next Dr. Who to be a transexual, NAZI, eskimo.
[/quote]The next Dr. is supposed to be the non-mentioned Dr. according to the ending credits of the last show. I am not sure if they really are getting Rid of the current Dr. and companion or just trying a plot twist.

This is the 50th year they have been showing Dr. Who.


I think John Hurt is going to be a future doctor that 11 will have to fight. Doctor 11 will change his own future during the struggle, and the John Hurt Doctor will pass into the ash heap of alternate timelines.

But that was a very cool episode! And a great scene!


My daughter used to be an avid follower of Dr. Who.



I think lefties read TOO MUCH into everything. They go after stuff like this that is popular and try to ferret out anything even the slightest non-PC item possible.
And yes, my other car is a Tardis, and I am a Dr. Who watcher and fan, and it never, ever, ever occurred to me that anything ever was in ANY way offensive.
Did I miss something?