Discussion Forum Demographics

What do you think about the demographics of discussion forums?

How do you think RO’s demographics stack up

I’m not sure about a lot of it. RO seems to be a little more male-heavy than those stats. Age range, I think we’re mostly 40+, although we’ve had regular members in their teens. Salary I couldn’t guess. We’re probably mostly suburban and rural.

Interesting, suburban and rural and skewing 40+, opposite of their survey results.
What do you think about white, black, hispanic?

Not sure about ethnicity since I don’t ask or care but I think we have almost those percentages in the age groups with the older being a little heavier represented; but we are shorter on the female perspective since the election hiatus.

I don’t visit every topic so it is difficult to say what the age percentage might be. In the topics that I do participate, it seems to be 40+ age group. There are some youngins who participate on some topics, but many of them are less conservative than the geriatric bunch of which I am a member…so to speak.

I would gather that we’re more or less in line with the OP in race demographics. We’ve had a few black members here. One, Seravee, still drops in once in a while. I don’t recall offhand anyone who identified as Hispanic other than TO (TheOperative), who founded RO; if I recall correctly, he’s of Cuban heritage. We’ve had some Asian women in earlier years. And although not necessarily a race (although it can be a biological line), we’ve also had several Jewish members.

While you mentioned Cubans, I want to take exception to AS’s claim that Cubans invariably vote Republican as a reason to allow unfettered Hispanic immigration. If that were true, then WHY do you suppose BOTH Broward and Miami-Dade vote majority Democrat, election after election. Those two Florida Counties have, by FAR, the highest Cuban populations. In the 2016 election, as the Florida returns started coming in, the left-wing stations were all counting on Miami-Dade and Broward Counties to counter Trump’s lead in most of the rest of the State other than the Tampa area…and SAID so.

C’mon, dude; let’s not get off-topic here. Take up the argument with AS in the Consolidated Immigration thread or one of the others where the debate rages.

They supported Trump, and have supported every Republican President/Canidate before him:

Urban counties are urban counties; individual voters are individual voters.

That’s interesting. But I notice that Cubans and non-Latinos are very close and vote almost the same. So this poll is more about non-Cuban Latinos than about Cubans.

I wonder if the results mean non-Cuban Latinos continue to hold ideological allegiances to the authoritarian regimes they hail from and so they voted for the authoritarian, Hillary.

As for the online demographics, is anyone surprised that a plurality of people online are below age 30? The stereotype of older people disliking computers has some basis. While kids are fascinated by and drawn to technology, it’s just something else adults have to take time to learn.

But that’s wearing off with time. Anyone born after 1967 entered high school after the IBM PC was released. Each year, a greater percentage of the population was exposed to PC’s and then tablets and smart phones at a younger and younger age.

As a side note, I was thoroughly fascinated by the implications of the movie Surrogates. It’ll never happen, but it’s a very insightful commentary about the online world as is.

I lived in south Florida for 11 years and I taught in Coconut Grove for 5 years. The school and church was 99.9% Cuban and very wealthy. The mayor of Miami, at the time, sent his children to our school in a limousine. I can tell you why Cubans vote almost exclusively Republican in Miami and other south Florida cities. From what I was told from many Cuban parents, the Bay of Pigs is what caused them to refuse to ever vote for a democrat and they’ve kept that promise. Wonderful people, btw. Loved it at that school.


I’m 76 years old and became “computer literate” in 1992 when my employers decided I NEEDED to become familiar with computers. They sent me to a Vo-Tech to learn how to do a spreadsheet via Lotus 123. The instructor said, “You turn the computer on here, the monitor on here and the printer on here.” When that was done, he said, “Now at the c-prompt I want you to…” at which point, I asked what a “c-prompt” was. He said, “You’re really ignorant of this stuff, aren’t you?” Within two years, I was generating documents in the field, scanning them into my laptop (IBM at the time) and transmitting them to our Dallas office via telephone! Admittedly, I haven’t progressed much beyond that ability, but I am NOT “computer illiterate.”

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The difference is how they’re treated; Vietnamese and Eastern Bloc immigrants vote the same way. If other latinos didn’t have a far more difficult immigration process, and a sword of Damocles hanging over either themselves, or loved ones who are illegal, they’d likely join them.

This isn’t cultural. People in the former eastern bloc are benefit obsessed, even Ukrainian rebels feel entitled to benefits from their besieged Government. Equally, Ethnic Russian who live in the Baltic states don’t rebel there unlike in the Ukraine because they know that they get better benefits there than they would in Russia. Yet, former eastern bloc people who came here are of a different mentally, and vote for people who are anti-benefits.

It’s one of the examples I can offer that show immigrants are a self-selected sort, having a higher instance of certain personality traits over most of their former countryman.

They’re not an average cross-section of their home country, they’re a biased sampling.
Refugees, given their circumstances, are closer to being such an average, but even they have a clear bias.

Eastern Bloc immigrants have a long history of living under communism and came here to FLEE from it. Same with Vietnamese, though they knew the communists who took over their country would execute them out of hand for opposing or disagreeing with that takeover. Cubans? Pretty much the same, though to a lesser historical degree. Anyone who has lived under communism and not been a member of the apparatchiks generally want no part of it and tend to oppose any philosophy that even remotely resembles it. Democrats are making a HUGE mistake by rushing to the left here.

And yet, you have a majoritarian amount of people who live in the former eastern Bloc today, who lived under that same communism, fighting for benefits from their Governments, voting people into office to advocate for this. Advocating for policies little different, or even more extreme, than what Democrats advocate for here.

So why do our immigrants from the same place as those people, act & vote differently here? The answer is Self-selection.

People with personality traits who most objected to Socialism and its effects, were more likely to be immigrants in the first place. Ergo, they vote for different policies than their former countrymen, because they’re the people of that group who’d most object to those policies regardless.

Instead of simply being immigrants or refugees, you’d might better think (most) of them as non-violent partisans.

Why do legal Latinos have a “far more difficult immigration process” than former eastern bloc people? Are you mixing the legal process of immigration with the crime of illegal immigration as the left routinely does?

Or, if you’re keeping your term straight, could it be that the difficulty is indeed caused by the heavy load of criminals immigrants (criminal because they crossed the border illegally) from their native countries already here?

Either way, the problem is illegal immigration. Since the country we share a border with actually helps people commit crime (by crossing the border), we have no choice but to build the wall. Well maybe we could go to war with Mexico, but I think that would prove less popular than the wall.

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They had a different process to go through even compared to other legals; I’m stating a fact.

Cubans had Wet foot-Dry foot, the Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Lao had an entire act of Congress dedicated to them, the Eastern Bloc regularly had immigration quotas raised through executive order just to let more of them in.

Standards were far more laxed in their cases, we didn’t pay attention to education or skills, basically if you wanted to come, we bent over backwards to fastrack your paperwork. Only criminality in your background would make us rethink that.

And oh yeah, all you had to do to apply to go through this process was just show up at our door. No differently than what illegals have been doing.

And, I can’t stress this enough, It. worked. We’ve had far more compliance with these groups, less criminal behavior, and they vote majoritively Conservative.

If we had offered that sort of approach to all immigrant groups, illegal immigration would be a footnote today.