Disgraced Democrat Supported Defund the Police

Disgraced New York Democrat Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin Supported Defund the Police

Democrat New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin expressed support for defund the police prior to his arrest on Tuesday for alleged bribery conspiracy.

“I support the movement to defund the police because I believe that there are parts of the NYPD budget that are not essential for public safety,” Benjamin said prior to New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) selecting him as her lieutenant governor.

What a jerk

All you can say is “birds of a feather.” Many Democrats, and all of the far left wing of the party, support defunding the police, but not for the reasons that some people think. They want to chase off the current members of the police departments and replace them with storm trooper types who will enforce the far left agenda with violence if necessary. Many Antifa members would make great police officers in the opinion of those on the far left of the Democrat Party.

Many Democrats have backed off from their defund the police rhetoric because they know it’s politically toxic.

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That’s an interesting perspective I have not hear before. But it does make perfect sense.

It’s nice to see you back Trumptrain.

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