Disney and Desantis

How are conservatives feeling on this one? Sure Disney has no place in politics, but if I must consider corporations as people with free speech, isn’t this just an example of Desantis punishing Disney for criticizing the government? Doesn’t go great with the “protectors of free speech” image they’re trying to cultivate.

On one hand I’m happy Disney is losing special tax privilages, on the other this is a pretty gross retaliatory move. This meme sums up a lot of how I feel:


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This. Anarcho-Soc Dem

Call it what you want. They never should have had that special status in the first place. And as long as their activism is harmful to society, I say more power to DeSantis.

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Even without their social activism, going to the Disney parks in Florida is not fun anymore. The crowds are horrendous, the prices are ridiculous and Disney has lost the ability to handle their endless lines well.

Years ago one of the high capacity rides at the Hollywood Studios was “The Great Movie Ride.” It could handle thousands of people in an hour, and you actually learned something about the history of films and got some good entertainment to boot.

Now it’s been replaced by “Micky’s Runaway Train.” It has a huge line outside, and once you get inside there are more lines. Going through it is laborious, and it’s not getting great reviews. The queues are totally messed up. I am no expert in queuing theory, but I could have told them when they were designing this thing that it wasn’t going to work.

At the new Star Wars attractions, you can stand in line for three to four hours. The ride is good once you get there, but it lasts for about 10 minutes at most.

The only way that I know anything about these attractions is that my wife, who used to be “a Disney freak,” paid over $2,000 for us to have a five hour tour of the parks. It was her “last hurrah” because she too is tired of Disney’s inability to handle the crowds.

A VIP tour for over two grand hardly makes Disney “a force for the people.”

Who knows? Maybe when people get the message, the crowds will dwindle so that Disney will be able to handle them.

Why should Disney be treated like “a little independent country” inside of Florida? This was done back in the 1960s to get the company to move here. It’s been here with special privileges for over 50 years. Disney had so much power within its borders that it could have built a nuclear power plant without state approval. It has run up debt that it is now threatening to dump on the state if it loses its autonomy. That’s not going to happen, but the company was raked in billions from its investment and then it has the gull think it dump that on the tax payers.

I would think that you would support DeSantis’ action @Gene. Why should a corporation get special treatment from the state? Ending that should have you with us.

BTW, all of the charters in your meme are from Disney rival, Universal, which is picking up a lot of business from disaffected Disney fans.

were both happy corporations and fascists are fighting means neither will get far.