Disney confirms its first bisexual lead character, who is also multi-cultural

Disney confirms its first bisexual lead character, who is also multi-cultural

One day you wake up and find your country’s soul is dead.

My reaction to all of this is mixed. As adults, we have the ability filter this stuff. Frankly, I am tired of having gay characters stuck in a play or movie for the sake of doing it. There was such a brief scene at the end of the live re-make of “Beauty and the Beast” that served no purpose other than to be “in your face.” It was not entertaining; it was just stupid. This is one of many such scenes that I have seen the past couple of years.

My concern is for young children and the parents’ right to control what they see. About a decade ago NBC televised a live performance of “The Sound of Music.” I enjoyed it mainly because it presented the musical in its original form as Rogers and Hammerstein wrote it. Later they did “Peter Pan.”

More recently the pick was “Hairspray” which centers around a gay character. Is that really “family entertainment” for all ages? I don’t think do, but some people will label me as a bigot for saying so.

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Transgenderism and homosexuality are part of the curriculum in elementary schools. Didn’t you know that?

When I was a kid we had to get a note signed from our parents just to learn about basic reproduction biology.

Today, Transgenderism and homosexuality acceptance is part of elementary school teaching. Oh yah.

What really gets me are these jerks who are calling for transsexual hormone for children. How do you know that a pre-adolescent child is transsexual? You don’t. This child abuse plain and simple.

I freely acknowledge that there are people who transsexual. I fully support their right to re-orientation. What burns me is when they become recruiters who don’t care who gets hurt so long as they are able to push their politics.

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Now you know why I use the word “Evil” so often