One of the best summations of why conservatives distrust the election results!
(Trump vs Biden)

Some may have missed it thus … my reason for posting it!

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And I thought the, “Obama is a Kenyan Muslim enforcing Sharia law” crowd was bonkers…

The naivety of many patriots is depressing. People who have not been in a milieu where the norm is to try to analyze society in terms of seeing different social groups pursuing their perceived material interests will tend to look for simplistic conspiracy theories to explain things. And to look for Saviors to appear to set things right: thus the ridiculous ‘Q-Anon’ stuff.

Well, okay … you go to war with the army you’ve got.

As for whether the vote was rigged, it’s not entirely implausible. The Democrats saw Trump as a fascist …which means they would have rigged the election if they could have, to stop him. And if they were correct about him, they would have been right to do so. But who can tell?

And it’s irrelevant. Patriots have to prepare, for the next election, but also they must get involved in other struggles to slow down the Left’s destruction of America.

Right now, ‘Critical Race Theory’ and the efforts of the Left to introduce it into schools - to make children despise their own country – ought to be a focus of the efforts of patriots.


This is an insane cry for help:

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I like that the “days not years” plan relies on Republican control of the house, therefore being impossible until at least 2023 and thus being “years” away. Unless I’m missing something. Step 1 is basically ??? afterall, so I might be missing something. Wait, are they implying when Pelosi “melts” that democrats will caucus with Republicans to elect Trump as speaker of the house?

Yes, I agree. That scenario is conservatism on crack cocaine.

They right about Nancy Pelosi, however. She is the true “wicked witch of the West.” The woman is absolutely evil.

Here’s a prediction for you. Trump will never regain the White House. He has too much political baggage to be re-elected. Like many “silent Republicans,” I admire Trump’s policies but don’t care for his demeanor.

Grover Cleveland was the only president who won the White House, lost it and won again. The reason was that he was able to make a truce with the New York State Democrats who hated him. Here is “Grover the Good” and his wife who was 27 years younger than he. These pinbacks were from the 1888 campaign which Grover Cleveland lost to Benjamin Harrison.

And in the interest of equal time, here is a complete 1888 Benjamin Harrison hanger. The log cabin reference on the reverse is to William Henry Harrison, who won in 1840. William Henry Harrison was Benjamin Harrison’s grandfather.

William Henry Harrison is famous for the “log cabin and hard cider” campaign and for the fact that he died after only a month in office. Here is piece from the 1840 Harrison campaign, which was quite an event.

May God bless and protect Tucker Carlson and Darryl Cooper! Wow. He nailed it.

You’re being naive. Democrats know he’s not fascist because they love and emulate the principles of fascism and he’s not that. But it’s very politically astute to blame him (and us) for being what they are. They do that constantly.


What? “Political baggage”?! You’re being naive too. It was refreshing to elect a politician who did what he said he was going to do and whose enemies couldn’t find so much as a traffic violation against him even after a two-year unobstructed invasive anal exam. Not to mention that we know our votes were illegally thrown away. We the people love President Trump. He will be president again! Move over, Grover Cleveland!


Sadly, @Gene is right. If Republicans sweep the 2022 elections, they won’t be sworn in until January 2023.

But there’s an interesting detail about the posted strategy. If President Trump somehow became president again after 2022 but before January 2025, I think he could then run for reelection in 2028, couldn’t he? We could end up with 10 years total of President Trump.

I can’t imagine it succeeding, but what a happy thought.

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To many moderates, Trump appears to be a lose cannon with no restraint. They don’t like his style and for that reason will not vote for him.

Ironically Trump is the only person who can activate a great deal of the conservative base. He attracts large crowds and much enthusiasm. Unfortunately much of what makes him attractive to the base turns off over 50% of the voters.

My wife is a committed Republican who views things much the same as I do, but she will not vote for Trump in the Republican primaries. Like me, there is no one in the leadership of the Democrat Party who could get her vote, but Trump’s ways have totally turned her off to him. Too many people feel that way. That is “Trump’s baggage.”

Sadly, you have hit the nail squarely on the head with respect to Trump’s appeal/repulsion.

Accident plays such a huge role in history, as do individual personalities. If Lenin had been hit by a streetcar in his exile in Switzerland in January 1917, there would have been no Bolshevik Revolution. If Churchill had been killed by the taxi that did hit him in the early 1930s in New York City, the British would probably have done a deal with Hitler after Dunkirk.

Enormous effects on human history, all pivoting on one individual.

We needed a Lincoln, or a Churchill. History gave us Trump. We have been so very lucky in so many other respects, starting with geography, that I guess we were due for snake-eyes on this roll of the dice.

Well … you go to war with the army you’ve got. One consolation: the other side seems to have been infected with political rabies.

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Yes, this country has been extremely blessed. After electing two of the worst presidents in history, Pierce and Buchanan, we got Lincoln. With all of his faults, Franklin Roosevelt was an excellent leader during World War II. Fortunately the Democrats dumped communist sympathizer, Henry Wallace, and chose Harry Truman to replace him.

The wheels started to fly off with Lyndon Johnson. The Vietnam War protesters injected Marxism into the heart of the education system. Many baby boomers, like I am, graduated from college and made money.

The far leftists, many of whom were second rate students, stayed on and droned their way to PhDs. They stayed in the collage ranks and infected the country with the cancer of communism. Over the next two generations, the cancer has spread until now it dominates the system.

Now we have the lethal combination of college professors with years of educational indoctrination, but no practical, real world experience, running the show through their former students. Their disproven and outmoded theories about centralized government control are becoming our reality.

You must be my twin who was given away for adoption. Or maybe it was me given away. Or sold.

Whatever, we definitely see the world in the same way. From FDR through the source (one critical source) of our current problems.

I was part of that Baby Boomer generation, including becoming a hard-core Marxist. There were only a few tens of thousands of us – I mean people who joined a Leninist organization – but we influenced many times our numbers. Of course, the treatment of Blacks in the US, and the war in Vietnam, had to be there to destroy the political immune systems of us, and our contemporaries.

And you are right that they went into teaching, and into the ‘cultural apparatus’ in general. It wasn’t a neo-Gramsican Plot by the KGB or Satan, as some conservatives think. It was completely natural.

And the radical kids who become leftist professors and teachers didn’t have to teach Marxism explicitly – most of them didn’t know and do not know now what Marx and friends actually believe — they just projected an attitude: the system is fundamentally corrupt and evil. Of course, they had Professor Zinn’s Peoples History of the US for the more explicit stuff.

And of course, there IS plenty of injustice and corruption and evil in the US, just as there is in every other country of the world. Except that most people know zilch about other countries, and very little about their own. So if you want to pick and choose, you can teach anything: you can teach WWII by concentrating on the fire-bombing of Dresden, why the word “libération” has two meanings to the French people through whose villages American (and British and Canadian) troops passed, and the mass rapes committed by American troops in Okinawa, not to mention Hiroshima and Nagasaki. [In fact Zinn did become anti-WWII, a strange evolution for someone who became a super-pro-war-patriot after his country was invaded in 1941 (June, not December).]

But what to do about it now?

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I would much much much rather have President Trump than a Lincoln or a Churchill today.

America’s biggest problem is that the government is corrupt from head to tail. President Trump isn’t corrupt, can’t be bribed and has a heart and zeal to clean up corruption. He spent four years figuring out that it was much bigger than he ever imagined. Now he needs at least four years to dig in.

Well, it’s a moot point. We have to support whomever the Republicans choose. I would go for someone different from Trump, who understood what’s happening to America.

The problem is, we cannot successfully resist what’s happening unless we have a majority behind us. Or rather, deprive the Democrats of a majority. Trump helped in one way in that, as we saw with the swing towards him among Hispanics and even Blacks: he didn’t appear to be the Country Club type of Republican who doesn’t really care about ordinary people. But he repelled a lot of the educated middle class. We need them all.

My own worry about him, before he took office, was that as President, some foreigner would insult him and he’d start a war over it. But he just continued Obama’s foreign policy of making friends by bombing people from the air without risking our people on the ground. A step forward but not very much. And now Biden will get the credit for getting us out of the Afghan snakepit.

But as I said, it’s a moot point. I think that no Republican is going to be able to stop the destruction of America. We’re really heading for something very different. We can slow it down a bit, and that’s very worthwhile, but we will not reverse the worldview of the ‘progressive generations’. They don’t see their own personal material interests tied up in having a strong country, and they’re used to indulging themselves in every possible way – now they’re indulging their emotions in weeping over criminals like George Lloyd – while making sure they live as far away from tsuch people as possible.

Oh well. As the Republic rots, more and more people will wake up… are waking up. Maybe we’ll get lucky and be able to pull off a peaceful separation. In the meantime we must start seriously organizing at the local level.

I can’t even begin to imagine the level of cognitive dissonance required to believe something like that.

I have a question. You once said that America had no respect from the world under Trump. Do you think it’s different under Biden? If so, why?

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I thought that we were not allowed to pose questions like that to specific members of the left. At one time I asked them to point out which nation has succeeded to their specifications. That question was ruled out of bounds. I am still waiting for an answer.

At any rate, I am sure that world leaders are quite happy with Mr. Biden. He is on another “apology tour,” like Nobel Prize winner, Barack Obama. He’s already invited China, Russia and soon, Iran to advise us on what to do with dissident minority groups. I am sure that their advice will not mirror what they do in their own countries, but it will be beneficial to making Biden look like a nice guy, unlike Trump.

In the mean time Biden will have embarrassed the United States which will get the approval of leftists and despots the world over. It’s good to know that the U.S. under Biden will be back on top.