Disturbing video shows protesters march out kids and tots holding ‘F— the police’ signs in Portland

Training the thugs of future generations!
(Or maybe … political leaders!)

Be warned, there is some very explicit, foul mouthed audio … along with F-Trump posters!

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These Democrats don’t seem to be filled with love.

Wheeler deserves all the ungrateful disrespect he gets, ironic as that is.

Those poor children are being taught to hate the police, so I wonder if they have any chance of staying out of prison.

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Not much.

What these people are raising are a bunch of no account, little, angry revolutionaries who won’t be good for much of anything. Mao Zedong also created a “lost generation.” It takes a lot of independence to right yourself after your parents have raised you to be a loser.


As long as these kinds of behaviors are tolerated, they will become more and more violent and more and more frequent. Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (the elder) took a very different approach to rioters. He told the police, publicly, SHOOT TO KILL! The rioters didn’t push on because they knew that Daley meant business. It wasn’t long before the rioters went home. BTW, many were arrested.

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You guys already know what I am going to say about these Democrats :rage: