DNC Defaults on Convention Bill


No wonder they can’t figure out a way to pay for government. They can’t even pay for their own convention.

DNC won’t repay Duke Energy for Charlotte convention costs - Washington Times


But, but, but, these democrats, they, above all understand fiscal responsibility! right?—





Face it guys this administration of democrats have a history of not paying their bills. Other events have been also gone unpaid.




Speaking with friends and coworkers, something more sinister was brought up. This $10 million “loan” might just be a conduit to get around campaign laws. It could easily have been given with no intention of receiving repayment.

Duke Energy has already stated they will claim this “loan” as a loss. $4 million will reduce Duke Energy’s tax bill which effectively means it will be paid by the tax payers. The other $6 million will be the real cost to Duke Energy and will be borne by their shareholders.

If getting around campaign contribution laws was the real intent of the $10 million “loan” then it is pure corruption. It is easy to avoid such laws when the administration in charge of investigating such violations is the same one that benefited from them.


Maybe they just assume all debts are meant to be paid by future generations?


that’s what they assume with the national debt.


Obama and his band of big government thugs push the “default” button virtually everytime they are confronted with fiscal responsibility. Usually it takes the form of “blaming Bush”. In this instance they just walk away.

The electorate wanted transparency and they got it in the form of perhaps the most transparentlly irresponsible administration in my lifetime.


Non-payment, dimes-on-the-dollar settlement and long-delayed payment of Presidential campaign debts has been a D tradition reaching back into the 60s at least. Whether the Rs have been a whit better, I don’t know. And as ROLC pointed out some of this @#$% could be a smokescreened campaign contribution (AKA, “Bribe”). It might be an interesting exercise to examine Duke Energy’s government contracts and regulatory interactions - recent past through 2016 - for sweetheart deals and blind-eyed regulatory decisions.


Liberals are moochers in their very souls, they spend money that they did not earn and have no Right to possess but they NEVER pay for their extravagances.

I would think the real “headline worthy story” would be finding an example of Demoncrat’s who actually made good on their word, that would be a shocker.


The democrat leaders are not stupide, they’re crooks! It’s the people who elect them that are stupid.


I’m not surprised at all. If I am lucky though, that damn thing will never come back here in my lifetime. Made my life a living hell the entire time.


It would probably end with his changing party, too.