DNC faces cash shortfall on eve of 2012 election


The Democratic National Committee had more debt than cash on hand when the general election started in September, a troubling fact few people have noticed to this point in the campaign.

We already knew that the Republican National Committee had more than 10 times as much cash as the DNC while the party’s were holding their conventions, but a closer look at the DNC’s August report shows it also took out $8 million in loans during that month — which means it had more debt ($11.8 million) than cash on hand ($7.1 million).

DNC faces cash shortfall on eve of 2012 election

I really do not know what to make of all this. There are conflicting reports about Obama’s finances. In one article I believe it said he pulled in $181 million in September and had almost $1 billion dollars for the campaign.

People are starting to question where his money comes from. Even back in 2008 he had taken off controls for donations and now foreign donations seem to be in the spotlight. I have to wonder what effect foreign donations have.

Do not get me wrong I am against foreign donations other than American citizens living abroad. I feel that it is inappropriate for those who are not citizens to try to control this nation. Don’t we have enough with George Soros funding democrat outfits?


10% of all small donations APPEAR to be coming out of China (IP Address), in fact many of his donations have outside IPs.

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The DNC and Obama’s warchests are separate and unequal. Obama has plenty of cash. The DNC … not so much.