"Do me a favor?" That's it?

“Do me a favor.”

This is it? This is what the Democrats have on Trump. Too absurd, even for them.

But when I listen to the discussions, I don’t hear anything else. Trump asked for a favor. So he should be impeached? Yeah, and Bill DeBlasio should be president.


Why don’t Republicans explain the obvious?

If you need some sugar, you don’t go to your neighbor and say, "Give me some sugar.” I bet we all agree on that.

You try to be super-polite. You try to be respectful. You want to stay friendly. You want to be sure you get the sugar.

So you say: “Wow, I am in a jam. I just searched the whole kitchen. I can’t find any sugar. I would really appreciate it if you do me a favor and give me a cup of sugar. Just for a day.”

And if you happen to be rich and famous, like Trump, you do even more of this because you don’t want people to think you’re a jerk.

Furthermore, if you’re a new president and you’re working with strangers from all around the world, you want to find out how to push their buttons. You have to start off extra-nice so you learn about each person. Maybe next year you will really want a favor. There are so many reasons to proceed gently.


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Bruce Deitrick Price