Do our rights come from God?


Do you think the main constitutional principle of free speech and liberties come from God or another source? I believe that they have, and should countinue to come from God as the foundation for a free society. Even though I do question my faith occasionally and have become known to become antagonistic and angry at times, I think that God is the ultimate authority of free will.


Our basic human rights come from God. Our free will has allowed us to let infringements on those rights slip into our society.


AS a Christian, I have to state emphatically…
…EVERYTHING, came from God.


I must agree with Tiny1. Everything came from God.


God is the Designer: rights (and morals) in relationship to each other derive from the Designer.


[quote=“tperkins, post:2, topic:39245”]
Our basic human rights come from God. Our free will has allowed us to let infringements on those rights slip into our society.
[/quote]Why?? So he can’t do anything about these infringements? What do we do then to fix ourselves?


Start taking personal responsibility for our own actions. Stop relying on others to do for us. Get back to the teaching of the Bible.


Sounds like a good starting point to me.


So Buddhists don’t have natural rights? How about Satan worshipers? Do all the different Gods people believe in give different natural rights to their believers or did they all get together and agree on an all inclusive package for everyone?


The belief is that everyone has natural rights endowed to you regardless of whether you believe in him or not…
If you choose not to follow the Judeo-Christian God that is part of your rights. (Free Will)

So, yes, Buddhist, Satanists, and ect. all have the same rights; because, regardless of what deity you follow, God created you. (Sorry if my post seems lacking, I’m really sleepy! :p)


Ahhh…good to know…so rights are a thing given to all by the Christian God?? The Flying Spaghetti Monster is gonna want to hear about this! He’s been saying stuff like the NATURAL rights of man don’t depend on government OR God.


That is to say if you believe in the Judeo-Christian God, yes.
As a Christian, by the nature of being such, I believe in God; and I believe this God gives everyone natural rights.
You may not, that is your right, but where that right comes from is the belief of the individual.
The Founding Fathers seemed to believe they came from a Providence! :slight_smile:


I seem to recall something about Nature’s God.

But seriously…believe what you want. I believe as humans we are all born with NATURAL rights that come from our ability to reason and decide how we may best live our lives in a community of other humans. I don’t believe another force needs to be introduced…or 10 other forces… to explain WHERE these rights came from. They come from our brains and our ability to use those brains to form a society that works best for ALL…not just the strongest or richest…or the majority.

This does not remove God from the equation of life on earth… or prevent one from believing that from the first living cell, He knew it would turn out this way.
It just means we don’t need to believe in ONE God or ONE religion or ANY religion to figure our where our rights came from. My opinion. Can’t be refuted…but neither can yours!


I know, that’s what I was trying to say, but I’m horrible at getting my message across in text. xD
This has ended more pleasantly than most of my debates on other forums!
Take care, Cam. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it was here on RO or elsewhere that I read it, but there was a joke about a hubris-filled man who thought he could create a better man than God, and challenged God to a contest on that basis. God, having a sense of humor, agreed to it, and let the hubris-filled man go first. So the man started gathering a pile of dust, and God said: “Wait a minute; get your own dust.”




God is the creator of all things, it is man who chose to follow other false godlets and smooth talkers and with satans help continues to do so today. Buddhists, Hindu, Islam all are fabricated religions AFTER God’s creation. They have their rights and freedom but not with God. Unless one repents and comes to know the Living God, Jeshua Messiah, that one is lost in his/her own perceived freedoms.


Well isn’t that special…the 5 billion non-christians on this earth thank you for that scintillating piece of knowledge and are quite happy that you have nothing to do with preserving their natural rights as human beings.


What I believe NCJ17 meant was that without God, freedom and rights mean nothing.

Also, you speak of Natural Rights as if they’re protected by law.
As Christian the only Natural Rights I have are: Free Will and The Right To Life.
You as a non-Christian have only those rights, we just disagree where they came from…

Nice to see you’re still hangin’ around here. :wink:


There’s no such thing as a right. Nothing is owed to us. Our “rights” can be taken any time.