Do We Need to Destroy the GOP ... In Order to Save It?


General Westmoreland once famously said, of a Vietnam Village, that “we destroyed that village in order to save it” or words to that effect. It seems the same process is well in effect in the GOP. And this is not the first time it’s happened. A bit of history is in order.

The first iteration of the GOP was the Federalist Party. That party elected President Washington in 1788 and President Adams in 1796. After Adams failed to win reelection in 1800 the party fizzled. The Whigs organized in the early 1830’s as a counterweight to President Jackson. It also flamed out quickly; in the early 1850’s, after Millard Fillmore was unable to fill even Zachary Taylor’s small shoes. The Republican Party organized in or about 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin, as an idealistic, antislavery party. It’s first standard-bearer, John Fremont, lost the 1856 election. Abraham Lincoln, nominated on the third ballot of a contested convention. did better. The South didn’t enjoy that surprise and bolted the Union.

The GOP has had other, more recent near-death experiences. In 1936, in the midst of the Great Depression with a charismatic and phony FDR as President, Alf Landon managed to collar only Vermont and one other state. I always forget if that was Kansas or Maine but it makes little difference. That wiped out the truly old, laissez-fair Republicans. The corportatist Republicans that replaced them were more or less non-ideological. They managed to elect only Eisenhower in 1952 (and that one as a war hero) and Nixon in 1968 (in a bitter time of disorders, antiwar ferment, crime and racism). Ford was, of course, never elected. That version of the GOP was seen driving away in the smog over Watergate in 1972, made official by the disastrous 1974 elections.

That paved the way for Ronald Reagan and his neo-conservatives. It is significant that Reagan’s roots were as a liberal Democrat. In hindsight, while Republicans pine for the “next Reagan” he was personally magnetic, and that contributed to the size of his two victories. The corporatist Republicans were back in control for Bush I and Bush II’s elections of 1988, 2000 and 2004, as well as the McCain and Romney candidacies.

Now, Ted Cruz, a quality candidate and one of surprising duration given his lack of favor with the relatively lazy and unimaginative Republicans in the Senate and the House appears to have, at best, a narrow path to the nomination. It is hard to fight a demagogue. Since he and his supporters are principled, many of them will no doubt vote for Hillary or cast a blank ballot. I am waffling between those two options. In any event the GOP is headed to a defeat and implosion on the scale of the Federalist, Whig, Depression and Watergate debacles in this country, and Canada’s recent destruction of the Progressive-Conservative Party. The country needs two parties.

I argue that a new or reconstituted party must arise from the ashes, one shorn of the “get along to go along” philosophy of the likes of Boehner and McConnell. This party will be led by bright, young, aggressive leaders such as Cruz, Rubio, Ryan and Walker.


The GOP needs to die, another remake will only lead to the same corpses taking everything over the cliff again; they have been telling their Base for years that they must move Left to win and the Base has finally listened as evidenced by Trump.

There is now no discernible ideological difference between the GOP front runner and the 2 candidates still competing in the Democrat Primary, the GOP had survived this long on nothing more than the political soul and hope of it’s Base; now that they have drank the kool-aid the best thing is to just let them die an unmemorable death and be buried in an unmarked grave.

How many more decades should be wasted trying reform this soulless monstrosity? How many decades are even left if no genuine opposition can even form due to the efforts wasted on trying to salvage the GOP?


So how does one go about killing a party? Just don’t vote for them? Don’t send your money?
I quit donating to the party a while back.

There are Republicans that are good, and I’ve supported them. I don’t like the option of supporting the Dem, or not voting.


I’ll pass on Rubio and Ryan, however.


yes. it must be destroyed. After what Boehner said about their own candidate for the presidency. And he doesn’t even know Cruz!! yes. It must be destroyed. They’re corrupt and they are nearly as evil as the democrats. They need someone in their in their opinion, who will protect their own interests…Citizens be damned. I’m angrier at the repubs than I am at the democraps. At least we knew what the democraps were doing…the repubs were concealing their actions and motives…deceitful, sneaky, underhanded, manipulative.


IF it weren’t for Fiorina, Boehner’s remarks would put me right back in the Cruz camp.

Have we EVER seen the repubs so adamantly opposed to their own candidate?? but then neither Trump nor Cruz ARE their candidates…they’re OURS. The repubs want a candidate to protect their status quo: power, prestige, purse.

Damn them.


Remember I am a Demcrat pushing a liberal agenda.


There’s no reason to resist Ryan. Ryan is just about the only one who can be truly called a “Statesman”, as he has actively sacrificed political gain to do what was right.


Not buying. My impression of Ryan is that he’s yet another RINO; and I hardly think the GOP would have chosen him otherwise.


You guys have to decide what you want to stand for. Is the GOP still going to be the party of evangelicals? That’s going to be a problem with a country becoming less and less religious. Does the GOP still want to stake out right-wing positions on social issues, like gay rights and abortion? When it comes to gays, most of the country (especially the younger voters) have moved on. In the case of abortion, it’s been settled law for over 40 years now. Most people don’t even remember a time when abortion was illegal.

I would like the GOP to become simply a party of fiscal responsibility, strong borders, and smaller government. Ditch the social/religious stuff.

One of the appeals of Trump is you know he could care less about social issues like abortions, bathrooms, and gays. He’s a New Yorker, through and through. “Make America Great Again” doesn’t mean repeal Roe-vs-Wade. It means restore the Middle Class. It’s been hollowed out so much it’s a shadow of it’s former self. THAT’s what people care about. That, and rounding up illegals.


It’s not “we guys;” the GOP already walked away. Few of us identify much with the GOP per se.

As to homosexuality and abortion:

Homosexual marriage has been consistantly rejected by the voters of every state where it has appeared (in one form or another) on the ballot- including that leftist haven of California- and was only instituted by judicial fiat.

Abortion is finding more and more opponents in the younger generation. I’ll admit that I was surprised to see this happen. And Planned Parenthood is running scared.

I would like for the DNC to ditch the social reengineering malarky.


I agree with you on the social issues. If they are going to go after abortions though, I wish they would just focus on those after the baby is viable.


Why Mike? Doesn’t the left say the baby is not human UNTIL birth? THey call it nothing…a zygote, a fetus, anything to demean its humanity from the moment of conception. ANd peter singer, a leftist Harvard(I forget which institution now, says women should have the right to kill them up to a certain amount of time after birth…days, weeks, perhaps as long as 3 months or more. You think no one takes these murderous mental midgets seriously but the left certainly does.


Technically, the baby is “viable” the instant it is conceived.


Is that a party you would join?


Because no one in their right mind could support partial birth abortion if it was shoved down their throat. That’s why I say to harp on that one.


I grow increasingly agitated at the vomit spewing liberals that befoul the landscape of morality. The GOP is an anachronism past its time and meaning. There is no ‘Government of the People’ anymore. hasn’t been since Reagan. Should we demolish the Republican Party? Sure but we won’t. There is not enough courage among the rank and File in this country to make any change. The mainstream scream and holler’ but when push comes to shove, they will back off and let the status quo take over as usual. AND to tell you the truth, who out there is willing to put themselves in the meatgrinder called leadership. Damn few. Thus we are left with the ol’boy network just as unmolested as before.
I am not at all confident, the American people have the will to make the changes needed to reclaim the American values and moral base we once enjoyed.


It seems the original poster, or the source he’s quoting, is looking to lump Cruz in with the Establishment liberal Republicans. Which is ludicrous on the face of it, for anyone who’s followed Cruz’ career.

Just as proposing that pro-abortion, pro-tariff, pro-Touchback-and-Turnstile Trump represents something “new.” What he represents has blighted the Republican Party since Theodore Roosevelt - Leftist-Progressivism made palatable with new artificial flavorings.

If Trump becomes the essence of the party, it will be the Party of Graft and Cronyism. Because that’s what Trump really WAS: He couldn’t build things. He wouldn’t know a D-9 Cat from a cat scan. I doubt he could SPELL “contractor” - much less hire one.

What he was was a FIXER. He, or someone he was in touch with, would have a proposal. Office building or hotel or condos. In Tammany-Hall New York City, NOTHING gets done unless palms are greased.

Most reputable developers won’t play that game - not the least because, should he get caught in a sting, it means decades behind bars. That is where Trump comes in. He KNEW how to play that game; and he had the connections to keep him out if there was a setup of some sort. Most of the time Trump knew the players; so that wasn’t likely.

He was a GRAFT specialist! For a cut, he’d grease the palms and get everything going. He’d make his cut and his “contractors,” the REAL developers, would make plenty as well.

But that is what he is and what he sold. INFLUENCE. HOW TO PAY OFF POLS.

THIS is going to “Make America Great Again”? No…it’s the true Selling of America.


Which is at what point?


But PBAs happen in abortion mills. And, babies who have been unsuccessfully aborted are killed outside the womb by the abortionist and sometimes the workers in the abortion mill. Why, then do abortionists have to count the body parts after an abortion to make sure the “contents of the uterus” has been completely removed? This happens in the earliest of abortions–usually in the first trimester. What human being could possibly endure such a grizzly act? You have bought into the lies and deceit of the pro-aborts.