Do You Believe? Holy image appears behind child battling leukemia


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Believer or not, the image behind Erin Potter, a Kirtland girl battling leukemia, is stunning. It certainly stunned her mom.

“My reaction immediately, it’s Mary, they hear us, she’s there,” Jen Potter said.

The picture of Erin, running with sparklers, was taken in her backyard by a friend just after the family learned that Erin’s cancer was back, for the third time, and she was facing a second bone marrow transplant.

“I didn’t necessarily see it as a sign that Erin is fine and is going to walk out of this, but it’s a sign that we’re watching over her,” Jen added.

19 Action News has documented Erin’s cancer battle before. Kevin Potter, her father, actually introduced President Obama at a campaign stop, as the president spoke of the family’s fight to stay insured to keep alive the fight for Erin.

Just after the picture was taken, Erin had that transplant, and right now, she’s cancer-free.

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Holy images haven’t appeared around my two adopted great-nieces, but both of them have seen Jesus, and at least one of them (and possibly both) have spent time in Heaven. I was just rereading some of the accounts of the older girl. Their mother stopped posting them on the internet, because she was getting a lot of negative feedback. I know that the younger one saw Jesus standing beside her once when she was being prepared to have blood take to see if she needed a transfusion or not. The phlebotomist said she wasn’t the only child who had seen Jesus standing there. I’ve mentioned this child recently in the Praise thread. She had a bone marrow transplant almost a year ago, and no longer needs blood transfusions. Her body wasn’t making any red blood cells prior to the transplant. Her sister has a condition called “Hermanksky Pudlak Syndrome,” and all kinds of nasty things accompany it. The most well-known symptoms (in addition to the fact that she is albino) are GI problems of various kinds and intensities. Eventually, her lungs will be effected.


Oh the phenomenon! (Pop culture reference anyone?) Pareidolia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Let it be said that that’s my view on it. Others may see it as they wish. I only offered my view and hope not to cause offense! :cowboy:


Is this your view on this particular incident, or on such incidents in general? Do you know anyone personally who experienced any such thing? I do know there are a lot of people “seeing” images where there is some irregularity in a surface, etc., but many such incidents - I won’t make a judgment call on this one, because this is my only knowledge of it. But do you think that of the incident of my great-niece, and other children like her, seeing Jesus (not an “image” of him) actually standing next to them? At the same spot? At different times?


I’ve always been critical when someone says it’s happened to someone they know or it’s in a video. This is from past experience however. I
never believed such in religion, even when I was a devout fundamentalist. I do not mean to insinuate that you’re telling a lie to me or your family is
telling one to you. I am quite sure that’s not the case. I must stick to what I know. (Little as that may be!) :beerchug:

I do have to ask…I know I’ll be reprimanded for this…What of Muslim children seeing Muhammad, or…I say this only to express my point… Bigfoot?


I have to admit, this seems fake. Either someone doesn’t know how to use a camera correctly, or the image has been messed up to hide any editing someone did. There’s no other reason the image would be so blurry and saturated.


I can’t speak to the varacity of the OP claim, but I understand that a lot of Middle Eastern Muslims are having visions of Jesus as of late.


Your posts are offensive.


I do not mean offense. Simply to get my point across. I apologize for any offense. May I ask which part offended you?




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[/quote] NWAR? What is that?


You’re so smart…figure it out.


I never stated to be smart. Would you please tell me?


In the case of my one great-niece, who has eyesight so poor that she has to get right into a person’s face to see what they look like, she described in detail the carvings on the Throne of God. She also said that she could see perfectly. No one who has never seen well in their lives could imagine that!


That poor girl. My eye sight’s also bad. Not as bad thankfully. I makes me sad for someone so young to have it so bad.


She was adopted from India. Her parents abandoned her shortly after birth. They left her in a railway station near an orphanage, so they at least hoped she would be cared for. It was thought that they abandoned her because her skin was too light. She is albino, which causes her near-blindness. She doesn’t look albino, because she is Indian (she has auburn hair, and light brown eyes, and very light skin) but she doesn’t look Indian because she’s albino! She has a condition called Hermansky Pudlak syndrome, of which the most obvious symptom is albinism. But the more serious ones are GI problems - that was what she was having when she saw Jesus the first time (she’s seen him a number of times, she has actually been in heaven) and problem most times. Eventually, she will develop pulmonary fibrosis, which will probably take her life before she is 40. She didn’t start to have the GI problems until she was almost 21. But they usually start at about 18 in HP victims.