Do you believe Newsmax when it says there's no evidence of Dominion fraud?

We don’t have a legal system any more. We have politicians wearing black robes who legislate from the bench.

Who appointed them? I’ll give you a clue; it rhymes with “rump”

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Wrong! It’s the communist judges that you support who legislate from the bench.

You are so smart

I am a lot brighter than you. You are a part of the socialist herd. You mind is programmed. I’ve read you posts. There is not a dose of support for human rights in you.

That is right. I am a bot. you so smart.

Who appointed the judges incidentally?

Pretty certain it was Trump. But who cares, right? Conspiracy!!!ONEONEONEONE

Uhm, pretty sure he appointed exactly three of the nine Supreme Court Justices; admittedly a large number for one president, especially in one term. But it leaves six others who were not, two of them by Obama. Trump placed many other Federal Judges, but so does every president. And if there are genuine conservative judges who are legislating from the bench (you better believe I’ll scrutinize what you call “legislating,” especially since it’s the left who push the notion that the Constitution is a “living document” to be interpreted with the times instead of as originally intended; which means whoever is in power gets to interpret it however the crap they want, and screw the actual wording), I challenge you to show me evidence.

The Bush Family RINOs appointed the traitor, John Roberts. He will be in the Democrat corner when the chips are down. Daddy Bush put in David Souter who turned out to be a far leftist.

The Democrats have plenty of judges who will give them what the want, like Stacy Abrams’ sister, who is a Federal judge. She just ruled to allow dead people to vote in the Georgia Senate race.

I think the most overwhelming evidence of fraud is that Joe Biden is the president. Dukakis was 100x more eloquent and likeable. Just sayn’

Dead people have rights too

I’m a bot too.

Yea, right on up to the President of the United States. Biden’s mind is half dead. He can read a script, but that’s about it.

Yep, you know times are tough when you feel nostalgic for Mike Dukakis.

It shows how pathetic the Democrat voters have become. Biden couldn’t even survive the Iowa caucuses when Dukakis won the nomination in 1988. Now he’s President with half the brains he had then. That’s what you call regression.

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Give him about 6 months and he’ll probably know how to put a mask on after watching his staff do it for him over 900 times. But I wouldn’t set your expectations high. And I’m sure someone still needs to explain to him what these masks are for.

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I don’t doubt there was voter fraud largely in his favor. But as I said elsewhere, the main reason Biden won was because the “news” media tilted the playing field so far in his favor that it was nearly vertical.

I like to say that I’m going to vote conservative for the rest of my life. After that, I’m going to vote straight Democrat…


Gonna just revive this thread real quick now that Sidney Powell’s defense in the Dominion lawsuit hinges on the Tucker Carlson defense: “no reasonable person” believed her claims about Dominion, therefore she did not commit slander.