Do You Have This Problem? (Food)

We’re old my bh and I.
Are you like us?

Over the years, have you come to the reality that you’ve dined on every type of food, in every possible combination that exists?

Have you grown bored with the repetitiveness and can’t think of any alternatives?
You name it, we’ve eaten it!
Diced, chopped, boiled, fried, filleted, burnt … we’ve done it all!

It’s come to the point that intravenous sustenance is looking better and better.:eek:
Just go about your business while the ‘drip’ takes care of the boring task of eating!
(Hey … No dishes to clean up afterwards!


Seriously folks, when you get old, even Ruth Christs might as well be McDonald’s for all the interest that your next meal holds for you!

Suggestions will be much appreciated.

(But only those that are not x rated!)

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Not at ALL bored with eating…yet. I’m one of those people who goes to a restaurant, finds a dish that I like and order it every time I go back…and enjoy it all over again! Could be incipient senile dementia causing me to forget what it tastes like from visit to visit, though.

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Are you not interested in eating, or is it just the hassle of trying to figure out what to eat, shop and fix that has you perplexed? I kind of go through that “what to eat?” thing from time to time. Today I want easy, without a lot of mess, while at the same time I want it to be healthy and taste good.

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Not bored in the slightest.

Steaks - Pappas Brothers on Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX or “Love & War In Texas”, Plano, TX. (steaks are very good, but go if you enjoy watching a professional waiter at work - ask for the waiter who calls himself, “Too Tall” after retired Cowboy’s defensive end, Ed “Too Tall” Jones. This guy is a great waiter and absolutely hilarious. Oh, and he stands just over 5 ft tall. Peter Luger’s on Broadway in NYC - very good, but Pappas Bros clearly superior.

Chinese - PF Chang’s - anywhere.

Seafood - John’s Oyster House (if it’s still open - haven’t been there in about 5 years) in Galveston, TX. Best oysters and Red Snapper on the planet. Was a whorehouse/“speak-easy” during Prohibition. No, I’m not kidding.

BBQ - Cozy Corner in Memphis or Marlowe’s in Memphis for ribs. Flip a coin. Brisket - Pecan Lodge in Dallas, TX (there can be no doubt about this choice; ribs are great, but fights have broken out when they have run low on their brisket.

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I don’t get bored with food. We have such a variety in the Chocolate City area that it’s hard to get bored. Besides that, I fish, hunt, crab, shrimp, and dig oysters. So, between the bought food, and the harvested food, I eat pretty good.

Edit: How could I forget about Crawfish!?!?! Yeah, I catch them wild too.

Can’t help ya because I’m going through the same thing. Lately, food tastes and seems like more fuss than it’s worth. Reminiscent of, “The Year 2525”, I sometimes wish we could just take a pill, and be done with it. Sad, in way, because I used to LOVE cooking. Ya couldn’t find a person who didn’t compliment me on my cooking. Even a 5 yr old guest once told me, “You’re a good cooker!” (Cutie pie was deemed my favorite of all time. lol)
Oh, and except for those grand mistakes, and believe me, I’ve had my share!

As an aside, you’re best off not bringing up Ruth’s Chris around me. After spending over $600 on a meal that we walked away from very dissatisfied, they didn’t even have the decency to answer my (later) written complaint.
(My apologies to those who are tired of hearing about it.)

Anyway, if it’s any consolation, I’m in the same funk as you. Cooking makes a mess, doesn’t do much for me, and going out to dinner isn’t near the satisfaction it used to be, as that’s work, too.

However, your x-rated comment cracked me up! :rofl:

That’s kind of where I’m at too. I get hungry and want a good meal, I just don’t want to shop for it, prepare it or clean up after it, and going out, I’m always disappointed and your right, it’s work too.

I’ve devolved to (wait for it) … peanut butter and ‘ketchup’ sandwiches!
Beats Elvis’s boring peanut butter and bananas any day of the week! :coffee_spray:

I am 50 but I still like a good steak and potatoes the same as I did when I first tasted them as a small child.

Steak and eggs in the morning though, I usually don’t have time for breakfast but when I do that never sounds any less than YEAH!

I feed my 10 month old Grandson his crappy baby food but the whole time I am telling him “Hang in there, it is about to get a LOT BETTER when you get to eat beef jerky with me”

Remember back when any reason to get dressed up, and certainly any reason to get out of the house, would do? And then our moms were at our stage, and we thought there must be something seriously wrong with them? lol

If you’re bored with food you’re bored with life.

Oh yeah. I used to love dressing up and going out. It’s was a chance to get away from the kids and have a date with my husband.

It is amazing to me that anyone could get bored with food, but I guess I may be a little different.
God gave us a massive variety of food choices, and man’s resourcefulness has provided many many options for preparation.
One can only do so much with restaurants. But, I have learned many ways to prepare the same food item.
For example:
I can take a beef tenderloin and make chateaubriand, filet mignon, beef wellington, crab stuffed tenderloin, mushroom tenderloin, coffee encrusted tenderloin, tenderloin with raspberry glaze, etc, etc.
Chicken, pork, bison, lamb, turkey, seafood, etc. Braised, fried, roasted, baked, grilled, smoked, etc. Asian, Mexican, French, Greek, Chinese, Southern, Cajun, Creole, Curry, etc.

But I do understand getting tired of certain foods.
I LOVE Rib Eye Steak. I love Prime Rib Roast. But I was getting to the point of hating Rib Eye, because the flavors and tenderness were not as I remembered them, years ago. Plus, I loathed and despised paying 12.99 a pound for an inferior, thinly sliced product.
I decided to start aging my own beef. So, I bought a 16 lb Boneless Angus Rib Roast. 8.97/ pound. Aged it 28 days. Sliced it 1 1/4 inch thick. It was awesome. More beef flavor than brisket, and as tender as a filet mignon. So, I have 2 more going right now.
I can crock pot, deep fry, oven roast, grill, barbecue, etc., etc., etc. Learned creative sides and since I grow most of my own fruits and veggies, and with my herb garden, I produce food much better than most restaurants. In fact, if there is a down side, I have to bite my tongue when I take Ms Tiny out, because I hate paying for food I can prepare better, at home.