Do you know any "never Hillary" Democrats? I know only one.


Have you met any “never Hillary” Democrat? I know of only one. He jumped ship after Obama threatened Syria over using chemical weapons and then didn’t follow through. No he’s strongly opposed to Hillary.


I know many but they have all been “Never Democrat” Democrats for a long while, they just have not changed their voter registration because there has not been a Conservative Party that can serve as a viable alternative; most end up “holding their nose” and voting for the GOP Liberal or they write in candidates for the offices that provide no option and focus on the other ballot measures where something good can be accomplished.


I don’t know their registered party affiliation but I know or have met about a half dozen two-time Obama voters who are voting for Trump and one other registered lifetime democrat who is voting for Jill Stein or staying home.

PS Those two-time Obama voters are all Hispanics.


I don’t know any.

But that’s because I have nothing in common with Hillarites. I’m not on the government payroll or gravy train; I don’t hate the nation; I don’t want it overrun with foreigners; and I don’t see ANY single redeeming quality in this old cow.

But they are out there. I live in a town with a major State University and a U.S. Forest Service regional office and training installation. Half the town is on the government teat…it’s interesting, because the downtown micro-brew pubs are as busy during the week as with weekends. Free concerts on the river banks…Tuesday nights, sometimes; or other odd day choice.

I guess having a government job means never having to say, “I’m too busy for that tonight.”

But there are Hillarite arrow-signs all over this place. Shocking thing was, the Bernie signs were plentiful, earlier. I love it…a college prof with six-figure income, owning his own home, in a wooded grove in the shade of a mountain…beautiful life…nice Audi in the garage…crime-free, pollution-free life…plenty of leisure…and he wants SOCIALISM. Or SHE wants it…most college “professors” these days are broads. Like virtually all the Postal Service employees and probably the larger share of Forest Service employees.

This beautiful life…and they want crypto-Marxism. Go figure…some people are just naturally ingrates…


First off I don’t get out much & know very few democrats. I do have one neighbor that is a lifelong democrat & he’s going with Trump this election. I’ve got a gut feeling that there’s a lot more of them out there but I don’t know if there’s enough to off set the never Trump republicans. I do still think that independent votes will mostly go for Trump & that he will win though.


So far, the only Hillary “political” signs I have seen around here are "Hillary for Prison 2016. There are a few Trump signs. Of course, it’s early day yet. This area is pretty much a conservative - or at least - Republican stronghold. I have a neighbor that I know is a Democrat, but I’ve never talked politics with him. Also, one of our road crew is a democrat. And I don’t know his preferences, either.


Yeah, I know a lot of people who were all in for Bernie, but dispirited about Clinton. But they’re not really passionately against her. Just apathetic.

Trump is lucky he got Clinton. He’s been bumbling through the general campaign and he’d probably be down 10+ points against Sanders. Luckily, Clinton is almost as widely disliked as Trump.


I have an in-law who is Never-Clinton and will vote Jill Stein this year. Good on him for breaking away from the scumbags of the major parties. His vote won’t count any more than mine will no matter who he votes for though. I know no other Democrat/liberal who’s Never Clinton. I find it appalling and unsurprising that anyone could cast a vote for The Criminal. I find it appalling that the Dems don’t have the same reaction to their Turd Sandwich that many Republicans and conservatives have had with the Republicans’.


Come to think about it the only political signs I recall seeing around here is for local elections.


We usually have a lot more local elections signs than Presidential. Anyway, most of them are Republican, because we’re pretty much a conservative enclave in this area. Wednesday at our “Ladies of '54” lunch, most of us mentioned getting telephone calls from Donald Trump.


I actually received a letter from Donald Trump none from hillary. I did as I do with all political mail put it in the recycle bin.


Suddenly I am seeing many signs for Trump/pence. NO Hillary signs…>BUT I went into a democrat/university town That we own property in but can’t vote because we live in the county…2 Hillary/kaine signs downtown in the windows of attorneys offices…around the corner from the local homosexual restaurant.


Yesterday, as I was driving my daughter to classes, I encountered my first car with a “Hillary for President, 2016” bumper sticker. Laughingly, it was on a brand-new Prius.


Here in this California-in-Exile area I’m in…there are a LOT of H-Arrow stickers. Some pasted over Bernie stickers.

On mostly new cars. We have more than our share of Priuii; but many of those are on either SUVs or Subarus.

Government employees and university professors. The traditional industries out here, forestry, mining and tourism, have been stamped out as much as possible by said government employees, aided by the egghead professoraet.

They got a shock coming. Lenin told them what they were, a hundred years ago. And what was to be done with them. “Useful Idiots.”


I live in Missouri, and I have seen very few bumper stickers for either candidate. Most of my democrat friends do not want HRC as our president.


There’s a danger that conservatives or non-liberals face when they put their choice on a bumper sticker on their car.

So…I wouldn’t take the absence of Trump stickers as meaning anything other than knowing what kind of people are going to enthusiastically support Her Hillaryness.


You make a very good point.