Do you read Trump's twitter?

Do you actively read Trump’s twitter? Or is it filtered first by a news website/show/etc.?

If you don’t read it, I would encourage everyone to check it out for yourself. Scroll through it now and a few more times later in the week. It’s the most direct line to what he’s thinking and doing at any given moment, so it’s valuable no matter how you feel about him.

Let me know your thoughts. For the record, I’ve been following him a while, he may seem to be particularly incensed at the moment, but I assure you this is par for the course.

I could never get Twitter to work on my computer. I used the passwords, but kept getting rejected. One day I got in and found you couldn’t go anywhere unless you had friends who let you in. It’s my understanding that you can’t get anywhere on it any way unless you are part of the club.

After that I said to hell with it. They kept sending me emails for a couple of weeks, which I ignored.

No. I get it all secondhand. I’m pleased the president is able to use that medium to great benefit, but I don’t like it. I’ve thought from the start Twitter is part of the problem.

Though I followed your link and I see the president shared a NYT article that says,

President Trump received 10.1 million more votes across the U.S. than he received four years ago, including in areas with a majority Hispanic voters.

That figure is obviously not including all the votes fraudulently flipped to Joe Placeholder or the misplaced ballots. (Look at that HUGE circle of new Trump votes in Los Angeles!) But think about it. The increase in enthusiasm was very evident. No presidential supporters have ever chanted “We Love You” en masse before.

By comparison, Joe Placeholder had as many secret service agents as supporters at his “rallies”. So how could it have been possible for him to win without massive massive massive voter fraud?

I never even attempted to open an account. Did you follow Gene’s link? It worked for me without any password.

So, this is something I’ve never quite understood. Despite what many Trump fans may believe, there’s a very large portion of the country that is still concerned with covid. That group of voters largely preferred Biden. To that end, people concerned about covid are not going to be attending rallies. In fact, many of Biden’s campaign stops explicitly didn’t allow crowds. It’s not that people didn’t necessarily want to be there, they just felt it was irresponsible or literally weren’t allowed.

That group should be taking daily Vitamin D.

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COVID and Trump’s poor public relations image got Biden elected. Those, who know something about Biden’s career, know that he was a second rate senator from a small state who was never “presidential timber.” He failed miserably in two previous attempts to run for President. In that respect he was like Harris who failed miserably in her attempt.

Obama picked Biden because he was a conventional choice for VP who would never show up the President intellectually. Now, in his diminished mental, Biden is even less of a leader than he was before.

Biden is coming into a situation that would difficult for any politician. Over 71 million Americans did not vote for him. Perhaps 70% of those voters think his supporters cheated to get him there.

Within his own party there is a large and vocal far left group of loons who think that “He owes them” for his victory. He has a totally stupid proposal to raise taxes in the middle of a pandemic induced recession. Even Obama knew that was an unwise policy.

Biden is already getting blow back from the far left over his early appointments. AOC, Sanders and the rest of “the squad” are only going to get louder. Biden will have to deal with them along with BLM and Antifa who will continue to riot, burn and loot if they don’t get what they want. This comes on top of a growing pandemic and a group of short-sighted Democrat governors and mayors who are looking to shut the economy down again.

Biden is going to wish he had gone into retirement instead of giving in to get a place in history.

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So, I think I know what you’re talking about. There were correlations with increased morality and decreased vitamin D discovered. But couldn’t it be just that, a correlation? As far as I know, no causative link has been discovered between vitamin D deficiency and mortality.

Wouldn’t it be possible that, due to the lengthy hospitalizations seen in covid deaths that end up hospitalized, decreased vitamin D could be caused by the lengthy hospitalization itself? One of if not the most important natural source of vitamin D is sunlight exposure, so a hospitalization would probably preclude that.

For instance, I’d assume people who die in hospice or long term inpatient cancer stays are also correlated with decreased vitamin D at time of death. I genuinely don’t know the answers here, just thinking about it.

Edit: attached a paper (abstract only, sorry) looking at vitamin D deficiency. It’s “very common and severe” in terminal cancer patients admitted to hospice, but did not correlate to symptom mitigation.

PIIS0923753420339934.pdf (52.9 KB)

There have been a number of studies that point to the benefit of vitamin D both prophylactically and as treatment. It’s not merely correlated, it’s strongly correlated. And I think there have been randomized double blind placebo controlled studies too.

Also, people that are at greater risk, dark skinned, elderly and obese, all have one thing in common–they have difficulty with vitamin D.

Why vitamin D? Because it strengthens the immune system, the very system that fights the virus.

Every doctor and public official that is not telling everyone to take vitamin D is guilty of negligence and of prolonging the pandemic.


Would you mind sharing one?

To find them, I would have to go back and search YouTube channels of doctors discussing studies. If you want them, you search. It’s not like this is an off-the-wall thing. I know these three channels discussed vitamin D:

Peak Prosperity
Dr. John Campbell
MedCram - Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY

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No, not really.

In essence, Covid enters into the ACE2 receptors in the nose. It essentially acts like an ACE inhibitor. It then upregulates ACE2 receptors in other locations like the lungs and heart.

2% in the ICU when treated with a type of Vitamin D vs 50% untreated. That’s massively more effective than Remdesivir and all of the other treatments pushed because they can be patented.

We already know Vitamin D helps tremendously with respiratory issues

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Like I said, there’s correlation. Even the authors in the calcifidiol paper have some reservations about the implications of their study and while I’d agree with them it’s a promising start, more work has to be done before we can be sure it’s a mitigating factor in this illness.

Furthermore, what we’re talking about here is the ability of vitamin D levels to mitigate death. It would have been nice if they’d looked at vitamin D serum levels. Also, taking calcifidiol had a significant effect of some kind on ICU admission (which is important!) but not necessarily on death. No deaths in treated group, 2 deaths in untreated group.

You can always say that. It’s the standard fallback hedge.

But vitamin D is extremely safe and very cheap and it’s available at every grocery and big box store. And people that take it have lighter symptoms.

Anybody that wants to fight covid should be shouting it from the rooftops. People that don’t probably have bad motives.

I am very glad you opted out of a research path in your career.

Yes, they’d likely prefer not to be blacklisted from all future grants for messing up Merk’s patentable products, so they’ll hedge and pray someone else does something to take some heat off of them.


From the guy propping up a super limited pilot study as the end all be all

It’s a lot more than one study. It’s literally every study that’s examined it - first with blood serum levels, then with treatments.

Here’s another

There is not one controlled study demonstrating even close to this effect for masks. Nor a correlative observation even close to the vitamin d serum observations.

Point me to one single study that shows this effectiveness for masks.

If you cannot, explain why we should require masks, but not Vitamin D.

Which has stronger evidence? Explain your reasons.

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Why bring masks into this? Are you an anti-masker?

I’m not saying vitamin D can’t help, I’m just saying I’m not convinced by the meager evidence. Do you work in research? If you do, I think you know that second study is super weak as an example of vitamin D mitigating covid.

Borderline significant P values, significantly older control group, no deaths in either group, not even testing vitamin D but a mix of vitamins that vitamin D happens to be a part of, I could go on.

If you want to take vitamin D, go crazy, I don’t think it’s at all likely to do any harm and maybe it will help. Heck, even if it doesn’t do anything physiologically to mitigate covid, I bet you could see some results if only by placebo effect. I just also don’t think it’s responsible to say it works so definitively. There’s almost certainly no silver bullet, and that’s okay. Expected even.

Alone, it’s not much. But there are over a dozen studies examining this as everything from serum levels, to direct treatment. The odds of it being a fairly effective treatment are quite high. And the evidence of it being an effective Covid treatment is significantly greater than the evidence that masks greatly reduce the spread of Covid. You believe one, and not the other - yet that’s not in alignment with the research that I’m aware of. Feel free to enlighten me otherwise.

Cool, you’re not convinced by the over one dozen studies encompassing north of ten thousand patients.

So, are you convinced masks are an effective way to decrease the spread of Covid? Show me some clinical studies that show it is as more effective at limiting the spread, as Vitamin D has been shown to improve Covid outcomes. Since the Vitamin D research doesn’t persuade you, you must have some very impressive mask studies that I’m not aware of. Please provide them.

I’m still confused why you seem to think vitamin D and masks are mutually exclusive. Do both if you want. Actually, I’m still confused why you’re bringing up masks at all here. Kinda feels like a red herring.

Anyway, masks were invented for this purpose. They stop respiratory droplets. They probably won’t do much to protect the wearer personally though unless you have a true respirator

Every mask I’ve tried fogs my glasses when I breathe. If they can’t prevent THAT, how do you suppose they prevent the transmission of a sub-microscopic virus?