Do you read Trump's twitter?

You can lessen the steam on you glasses by pinching the metal strip to you nose. Still, I agree. The mask think is part science and part theater. When I see a person with a mask who leaves their nose uncovered, I feel like saying, “Why bother?” Biden does it all the time.

I am too old to start fights, however.

Doesn’t matter, Send. Glasses fog up REGARDLESS.

I’m asking you a direct question that you seem to be avoiding. You are asking for scientific studies to support policy.

You are not convinced Vitamin D is an effective treatment for Covid because you feel the studies are inadequate. They are primarily observational and correlative, with only a few small direct controlled studies.

Are you convinced that masks limit the spread of Covid to a major degree? And if so, is this based on controlled scientific studies, or something else?

I’ll be more than happy to lay out exactly what I think about masks afterwards. But because there has been so little direct research on it (that I’m aware of), it’s a largely speculative view.

I am convinced masks limit the spread, I can find studies if you want, but the obvious reason is that masks catch a portion respiratory droplets, and a (lesser) portion of aerosolized virus. It would seem those are the primary ways covid is spread. Less viral particles in the environment, less chance for infection in others.

Unless you have a real respirator, they probably do little to nothing to protect the wearer, but I’d have to look into that.

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Sure, please provide studies with a stronger correlation than the vitamin d studies you find unconvincing.

My opinion on masks is that medical masks worn properly reduce the rate of casual spread. I’d probably agree with the study that estimated that it can reduce transmission rates by 80% among people exposed for less than a minute.

I do not think reusable cloth masks do almost anything to limit the spread, even in casual contact. People wear the same masks for days at a time, and often don’t even cover their nose. I suspect that reusable cloth masks may actually increase the risk of infection for the wearer(though only slightly). This is entirely speculation, because the only thing I’ve seen studied are medical masks (which I agree can be useful when exposure is limited).

I also think “stranger danger” is the primary fallacy in all of this. Most people get Covid the same way they get flu - from relatives, co-workers, and the person sitting next to them on the bus for 30 minutes. Yet almost all of our restrictions are about limiting fifteen second passing interactions - which is most likely not a major source of infection.

Masks should have been a relatively minor mitigating factor - but they became the central focus of control. Which is just complete mismanagement.

True, CWolf. I’m going to be deprived of my granddaughter’s company and that of her two boys–my great-grandsons–this coming Thanksgiving because my wife and daughter are afraid that her “lifestyle” may pose a risk to my wife and I because she posts pictures of herself in bars and in other people’s company–sometimes without wearing a mask. So, they’ve “disinvited” her to come up from Dallas next week! Probably THE most protected man in the country–the PRESIDENT–has no clue how HE contracted the virus, or from whom, and neither do those charged with protecting him.

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