Do you see a pattern with the names here? Huge food stamp bust!


DO YOU SEE A PATTERN WITH THE NAMES HERE? HUGE FOOD STAMP BUST! 14 Arrested For $16 Million In Food Stamp Fraud[Video]

Check out the names below and you’ll see that so many times foreigners come to America to scam the food stamp system. We have reported on numerous scams involving immigrants and food stamps. Believe us – they come from all over the world to take your money! Here are just a few examples of foreign-run convenience stores caught in food stamp fraud…millions and millions stolen and probably sent overseas:

DO YOU SEE A PATTERN WITH THE NAMES HERE? HUGE FOOD STAMP BUST! 14 Arrested For $16 Million In Food Stamp Fraud[Video] »


It’s interesting when these big busts hit the new because it shows the holes in our system. But my feeling are that these aren’t really the major problems. I think that the major problems are the very small “cheats” done by a massive amount of people. The system is so lowly monitored that it takes huge abuses to trigger someone to investigate, small stuff isn’t even noticed.
For instance I knew someone in government housing & on food snap. She had 3 kids & received the correct amount for 4 people for 30 days. They never checked to see if those kids stayed with her every day, which they didn’t. They lived with their father & only visited mom on the weekend. So 5 days per week, 3 meals per day, 4 weeks in a month, adds up to the government giving her enough for 60 extra meals per month per child. With 3 children that would mean that the government was over giving her 180 meals per month extra. I’m pretty sure that she sold those meals to get extra money. I say that because I saw “hints” of her spending like getting her nails done at $60 per time & wads of cash. That’s just one person & I have to wonder how often that it happens. I suspect that it’s more the “norm” than the exception simply because the government employee’s turn a blind eye to it.


Yea, they are all Muslims stealing MILLIONS $, my guess is they are not citizens and if the heat gets to hot then hop the first plane hot and smokin East Bound, then come back under a phony name to do it again…this has been going on for years…


At the beginning, it was much more closely monitored. But now, you can’t even ask “clients” certain questions, and you must take their word for what they say (according to my niece who worked in a Public Aid office for a while). And most of the employees are lazy, too, according to her.