Do you think the real reason for Republican loss is demographics?


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Do you agree that the demographics of America is rapidly changing. That the main voters on the Republican side: old and rich white guys has proven to fall short in our current and future elections as the caucasian american majority is being displaced by latines, african americans, and asians. Obama took a commnading percentage of all of these minority groups. These groups are displacing the white demographic as was proven by this presidential election cycle. If the republicans don’t come to terms with this fact and adjust do you feel there will be a permanent and growing reduction in republican power not only today but in the future?
I think one way they could get some is by adjusting thier emigration stance.


No; stupidity.


Stupidity in the sense that voters aren’t voting in their economic interest. This is a historic jobless recovery, crushed under the weight of bad policy choices, yet the people just re-upped for more of the same. Same President, same Congress. The Dems have done a masterful job in getting folks to fear conservatives, and obviously a better job then we’ve done in stoking fear of liberals.


Stupidity of the conservative for trashing the candidate before he started. Stupidity of NOT coming to the candidates defense in the Liberal onslaught. Stupidity for allowing obama to get where he is today.
We all sit on the forum and [ as Bill O Reilly would say} Bloviate all over the place, trying to sound important, but offering nothing of substance. Now we are too late.

I got to go to bed. old men need their sleep.


Obama won because he promised lazy and envious half the country that he was going to take from the other half that worked hard for many years to become successful and give it to them because they believe that they deserve it.


another great link that illustraits my point:

Why Obama Won: Hispanics, Millenials Were The Difference - Forbes


BULLSH*T. They won because we lost. The republican party is the party of ??? what is it we stand for??? nobody knows. The republican party has lost it’s way, lost it’s focus, lost it’s history, lost it’s platform, and lost its voice.
We now sit and ruminate over the cud we spit out upbraiding everybody else for our failings.


It needs to redefine itself: Right now from a public appearence standpoint the republicans seem to represent: Corperations, wealthy, white, anti immigration, and evangilical. Clearly such such a mix is not winning in our current demographic environment. Solution, I don’t know.
The dems have the women, young generation voters, latinos, blacks, asians, and a higher percentage of the higher educated, progressive approach tword imigration.

One formula is winning and gaining steam the other is not.

Maybe its a issue of the Republicans moving closer to the center on immigration issues. Latinoes socially fit right into the Republican party; they are Catholic, family oriented, and socially conservative. Repubs might want to lighten up on their immigration stance…if you notice many Republican states are all on the border and they tend to be very immigration friendly with a high number of latino voters.

Within a generation it is expected that the percent of latinos will bypass whites as the demographic majority. If you are looking at future survival than that should be your new target voter. If the dems clinch this demographic as they did the black vote, the Repubs may not have a future.

It’s more then pocket book issues.


It’s obvious that it’s not about pocketbook issues - it astonishes me that Obama could win re-election given the current state of the economy. Part of this is misdirection, of course - it’s still Bush’s fault, even four years later - but most of it is distaste on the part of much of the country toward the GOP’s stances on social issues. That distaste is strong - young voters who can’t find good work nevertheless seem to care more about civil rights issues where the GOP has been demonized as fascist.

Our economic message cannot resonate because it is being drowned out by static on social issues. We don’t need to toady like the Dems do, and promise free contraceptives. But we do need to revise the GOP platform to make clear that, notwithstanding the party’s moral stance on abortion, its policy prescription is to rely on persuasion, not coercion. And cameryle is absolutely right - we’ve got to stop poisoning the well with Hispanics. Demographics IS destiny, especially if we keep letting the Dems paint us as hostile to certain demographic groups.


Jazzhead has it right, we need to get rid of social issues because any mention of them immediately takes over the conversation when they are not important in any way.

Just because you have a certain color of skin should have no bearing on political beliefs, and conservatives in other nations have successfully formed coalitions with immigrants and so can we.

We also need to show how we can get rid of government dependence and transform welfare into something that can actually improve the communities where the poor and minorities live and make business owners and capitalists instead of slaves and socialists.

You can’t own a business if your community is crime ridden and falling apart, and we should focus on what the democrats allowed to happen to minority’s communities and how we will rebuild.

The loss is because conservatives didn’t show up to vote and because we don’t communicate to minorities appropriately and nothing else.


It can’t resonate because republican hypocrisy has killed their credibility on economic issues. You can’t claim to stand for “financial responsibility” and vote for bailouts and expanded entitlements and run the the putative author of the legislation Obamacare is based in and expect to be taken seriously. But what do I know, I’m just another so-con fringer :wink:


The demographics have changed and along with that, values have changed. It has taken place within my lifetime. We have had decades of liberals in control of our education system. We have finally hit critical mass in that most Americans don’t have a clue how wealth and jobs are generated - so, why would we expect them to recognize that which is in their/the country’s sustainable/financial self interest? Willfully piling up debt to support BS for those now alive in America while knowing those yet to be born will necessarily pay for it is immoral in the extreme. Frankly, I’m ashamed. Every last one of you should feel shame at what is ocurring.

The ONLY way out of this, as near as I can tell, is a crash at the hands of Democrats and complete political capitulation. I see the crash - I have my doubts about the capitulation part. Media and a gullible/stupid electorate will likely ensure the wrong people/policies receive the blame.

We can’t continue along the road we are on, consequently we won’t. At some point - relatively soon - the wheels are going to come off. It will be VERY painful - perhaps fatal!!


Now, Mike, you have hit a major issue. Even if there was a concensus issue NOBODY would hear it. We cannot control the message when we cannot control the message outlet. When the conservative has only ONE base putlet for the word FOX then we cannot explain the issues. When the liberal elite has control of the education process from the college level down, then the message issue is muted in educational forum. In other words, the conservative has to become one voice and one by one begin the control of the messaging process.


NJC - the Catch 22 is that we don’t have decades to unwind this mess. I’m convinced folks won’t listen UNTIL after it comes down around everyone’s ass. It took us decades - since Wilson really - for us to get to this point. For Christ’s sake, we are witnessing our future in Europe right now. In Greece, the government has been handing out goodies and going further into debt for 50 years. Even slight adjustment to the Greek “gravy train” produces continued riots. Rational arguments opposing our current course/trajectory are available. Once people become accustomed to “free stuff” they react like junkies undergoing withdrawal when a reduction in the flow of “stuff” is even discussed. Americans are not immune to this.


I know this isnt popular on this forum but here goes; Socialism has always been around to a certain extent. Pure capitalism as is promoted by many here is very new and like pure communism works on a small scale but on a large scale tends to not work well because of man’s nature. Since the rise of Christianity-giving alms to the poor has been part of our DNA as a global culture. Even before that tribes practiced a form of socialism, everyone hunted for the good of the tribe not for the individual.

Christian tradition has impacted our socity and others for thousands of years, The USA is no different from any other people we will always be viewing the world through the eyes of the many and the individual hence, providing alms to those who need it, while at the same time looking out for our own individual self-interest.

Finally, I think many people prefer to collectivly give alms to the poor through government as its much easier and anonymous to do so. The idea also is that government in its collective giving in general gives to the needy fairly and equally. Giving through government it’s not messy like having to join a special interest group or if your athiest, feeling obligated to give to a church or similar charity. Its funny, in a way individualism can and does feed socialism as it provides a nice mix of anonymity while providing a outlit for our alms giving nature.

I just give to my church so I don’t have to be so complicated about the whole thing.


Giving alms isn’t socialism; it’s a private individual choice. So-called “charity” through the government isn’t. Yes, it’s easier (until other factors are accounted for), less messy (until other factors are accounted for), and anonymous (except that many of those who support it trumpet it to show what good people they allegedly are).

Let’s look at what else it is:

-Buck-passing (that is, just throwing money at the problem without having the genuine compassion to take a personal interest)
-Wasteful (government by its nature is; unlike private charity where you need to be able to show that you’re being a good steward of your resources lest they stop coming in, government spenders have a good measure of insulation (and anonymity) from the consequences of their expenditures)
-Dependency (shouldn’t have to be explained)
-Vote buying (see above)
-Enabling (both of the recipient and the government)
-Denial of free will (in choosing who you deem to be a worthy recipient of your charity)


So, the government geniuses should dictate to me when, how much and to whom I am to “donate” because it is less messy?

No one is talking “pure” capitalism. The point you miss is this: On the path we are travelling, the freakin’ math does not work - not even close. I don’t want my granddaughters to foot the bill that will be coming due for the purchase of votes for any of these ass clowns, tax and spend Repubs included!!

NJC - I rest my case.


Three things lost the republicans the election. One message…It is jumbled and pathetic when we cant show the truth about being the party that ended slavery and pushed civil rights. Two ignorant lazy people who vote race and welfare over the country. Three Paulbot and libertarians again actively campaigning against ONLY the republican party and helping Obama by their votes.


True, however until we become a Christian nation again, I don’t see how the paradigm will change. Yes, it like everything else is subjetc to politicisation, doesn’t make it any less real though.


agree we are constantly having to jugle and adjust the expense of government alms giving and flipping the bill for every country in the world for their national defense while trying to feed our economy.