DOD Green Energy Project to Pay Off in 447 Years


In a mind-boggling example of government waste, it will take the U.S. Navy an astounding 447 years to benefit from a costly green-energy project that’s supposed to save money by lowering utility bills.
Like many other failed renewable energy experiments, the Navy project was funded with money from President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus, the fraud-infested disaster that was supposed to jump start the economy and put Americans back to work. Instead, big chunks of money have gone to wasteful projects, including green energy ventures like the northern California solar panel company (Solyndra) that folded after bilking taxpayers out of $535 million.Nowlin, James R. | Judicial Watch isn’t this just precious? Of course, Obama is going to make this worse. You can bet on it.


It’s a perfect example of how Liberals are simply incapable of understanding reality.