Does any one here know about the group Americans for Limited Government?

The American for Limited Government are running ads in Florida which are accusing him of advocating socialist medicine. Here we are, in the middle of a presidential election, with the Democrats calling for “single payer” which is an uncompromising call for government run medicine. And here are these clowns doing the Democrats job for them.

Does anyone here belong to this group? If so, are they real conservatives or libertarians, or are they a bunch of fake Democrats? If they really care about the issue, you should tell them to wise up if you are a member.

A brief scan of their Twitter feed says they are pro-Trump. They praise Trump a lot. They seem okay to me, but I only investigated for about 5 minutes.

Go to:

EDIT: Okay, I see the ads now: “Americans for Limited Government will be taking to the airwaves opposing President Trump’s proposed Executive Order tying U.S. drug prices to those dictated by foreign socialist governments

Hmmm. That is a departure from their usual support, and it is ill-timed for sure. Bad move from them.

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