Does Anyone Have Any Writing Experience?

I love politics and want my material to reach a larger more national audience does anybody here have any experience writing for politics? How did you get started? Do you have a book out?

No such experience here.

I write for groups of engineers. When I have to present the same material to managers, I have to simplify it into ‘Horsey and Ducky’ terms.

I have written Architectural papers and building material treatises. If I tried to write political stuff, I would probably have a serious stroke

I don’t recall reading architectual material. I know that engineering reports are blunt, to the point, and full of technical info. I sometimes have to write an executive summary in the front so manager just might have a chance at pretending to understand it. But, even then, it still must be true.

Other than keeping it simple and in ‘Horsey and Ducky’ term, politcal info tends to be the complete opposite. Telling the truth could cause one to have a stroke or heart attack.

I have writing experience in general not about politics. But I have read some books about politics and find them interesting. I love politics also XD

You might want to look into this: Digital Journal: A Global Digital Media Network

Note that the publication requires a sample of writing before you’re allowed to post stories. So you’ll need to be sure that you mind your P&Qs in grammar, punctuation, etc. The sample does not have to be a published article, only a bit of reporting, commentary or review such as might appear in Digital Journal.

IIRC, they ask that authors cite 5 sources for their stories. There are other rules and recommendations that they’ll indicate if they accept your sample. I recommend that you read them. They’re all reasonable and useful, and don’t take long to read.

Writing stories for DJ would give you the opportunity to practice reaching an audience. If you do this, you can also link your stories here, or at least give your DJ author link in your signature. I’d be happy to give feedback.

There is an abundance of political commentators. If you do original reporting, that could make your writing more useful and could be accomplished by as little as driving to a demonstration or hearing in your own town, or even emailing/phoning someone for a comment on an issue that touches his area of interest.

In any case, I recommend taking the right tone with readers in everything–patient, not angry; questioning, not demanding; allowing a liberal margin of error for you and for anyone you criticize or comment on.

I hope that helps.