Does anyone use Twitter here?


I found that I couldn’t use it. During the brief period that I could access the site, I found out that you had to belong to exclusive groups to be able to post anything. No long after that I found out that I couldn’t log in there. I ended up in a continuous loup of where I give them an email address, my main one, and they never sent me anything.

I complained and they said they would get back in a few days, which they never do. Twitter figured out that I have a conservative point of view and wants no part of me.

To me it is a useless, pathetic site.


Does anyone use Twitter here?

Not me. Have never tried twitter. Had a facebook account at one time but cancelled the account 'cause I found that I did not like it. Speaking for myself - me have another facebook account or a twitter account. No how no way, Death Valley will freeze over before that happens.




I have one. I use it to tell regressive libs what they can do. Also, I have fagbook. I’m currently undergoing my 6th or 7th 30 day ban. This time it was for telling someone in Australia that Aussies were all muslim loving fags after he said all Americans were uneducated morons.


I don’t have Twitter; I do have an FB account. Sometimes it works…