Does Canada pose the greatest threat of terrosim to the United States?


This is an extremely important issue to me, in the broader context of crime in Canada and the police in Ontario and Canada being absolutely and completely inept in their ability AND desire to curb these radicals. This is not only translating into innocent citizens being killed, but also in the expanded inspiration and radicalism emanating from Canada.

Less than a year ago this link was posted on the observer:
The Terror Threat From the North | Observer

I didn’t post it then but have decide to now with the growing concern about terrorism impacting America and the West in general. There are some good links within the body of the article to books on Amazon that suggests Canada has turned a blind eye, and is complicit in the exporting of this terror to other nations. The police in Canada have a history of reaching for low hanging fruit, chasing rabbits and looking out for union and budget interests, rather than the greater security of Canada. Canada is in fact a major exporter of terror and I challenge anyone to counter this argument. A major risk; if not potentially the greatest risk of being harmed by Canadian tactics and listlessness is the U.S

With the most recent close call suicide bomber Aaron Driver (he detonated his explosive but only caused minor harm) on Canadian soil which was only thwarted due to intelligence information provided by the FBI, it is clear that the Canadian security apparatus has continued their pattern of “playing the game”, rather than defending Canada and our allies. The OPP, RCMP and CSIS all failed in their ability to identify the threat level this guy posed. This has been another close call in Canada in regards to real threats, while the RCMP cost us many millions entrapping two welfare recipients in B.C only to have the charges rightfully thrown out. The Toronto 18, heralded by CSIS and the RCMP as a great coup, involved a covert RCMP officer who admitted to being handsomely paid and still had a cocaine habit quite soon before the investigation (in court he suggested that this addiction magically disappeared just before the investigation).

In the last decade there has been a growing number of Canadian terrorists heading overseas to engage in terror. Including a University of Toronto student who is being held in Bangladesh today, accused of taking part (there was a photo posted today that apparently shows he was armed during the attack) in the recent terror attack there. This in a long list of exported terrorists for a very small country. Wasted resources in Toronto, Ontario and federally while seriously radical individuals are flying on planes, headed to other nations and blowing up foreigners. The security apparatus shrugs and washes it’s hands of any accountability.

So, with this growing reality, it is safe to say that Canada poses a serious National Security threat to the United States. In terms of covert agents “radicalizing” and inspiring others and in particular agencies playing fast and loose with laws, chasing benign or false danger to the dismay of those victims of real Canadian terrorists.

It is extremely important that this becomes a campaign issue and an ongoing concern for Americans. I have expressed my opinion with some of the stakeholders on this issue, much to my chagrin. I know that Scott Walker had some concerns as did a few others who are privy to information most of us are not. The focus has to be not only on some of the particular residents in Canada, but also the security apparatus methodology and in some cases willingly ignorant abuses to outright treachery.


I am SURE its the goal of the radicals to gain a solid foothold in Canada and they appear to be doing that. Then they can attack the US from both our N and S borders.


I am SURE its the goal of the radicals to gain a solid foothold in Canada and they appear to be doing that. Then they can attack the US from both our N and S borders.


Indeed. The question is, what is America going to do about it? Is the FBI going to continue to toe the line that "the RCMP are allies of ours, or are they going to call it like it is?

These so-called allies have failed in many multiple Canadian attacks overseas. This, in a country of only 35 Million people, and Canada is not looked at as “The Great Satan” by some countries. Without a doubt some of these same radicals have successfully been spreading hatred, recruiting and endangering Americans interests. Canadian police have a long and detailed history of being agent provocateurs, you can just imagine how this is unfolding when Canadian citizens are engaging in crime and terror against International targets at a much higher rate.

One further point to ponder, an insidious assertion; how is such a small country like Canada such a large breeding ground for these terrorists, and more importantly, who is doing the breeding?


America has become so PC and corrupt that they will do nothing about it other than throw up their hands and wave the white flag:

You might want to read this post ( I am AMAZED no one even commented on it, given the magnitude of its implications:

No-First-Use Nuclear Policy…HELLO Communism

This speaks loud and clear what we are going to do…NOTHING!


I am SURE its the goal of the radicals to gain a solid foothold in Canada and they appear to be doing that. Then they can attack the US from both our N and S borders.
Why not just put their footholds here in the U.S.? After all they are our “friends” & we are going to be sitting around campfires with joined hands singing together aren’t we? I mean if they weren’t our friends our president would be using the “T” word.


See, the problem with the RCMP is a problem that has infested far too many security agencies. They are operating for self benefit, rather than the ultimate goal of constant, relentless, difficult work of policing. It is often thankless but rewarding work.

When I listened to Chief Brown in Dallas give his stirring speech post terror attack of the police, he made such a clear case of the work that the police in Teas do: they commit themselves, they feel it is their duty. In Canada specifically, this is not a duty, but a selfish endeavour for self gain and profit. It is disturbing to suggest, but I am suggesting it here and have suggested it to the powers that be.

I have listened to the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police in an interview on TV and he sounded like a guy pushing an agenda. CSIS and the RCMP have a long and lengthy history of abusing authority for self gain. The RCMP even caught burning barns and engaging in “creative” policing tactics such as “Mr.Big”. Due to Canadas court system truly working backwards and assuming guilt and forcing the person to illustrate clear entrapment AFTER they are found guilty, is has been and continued to be an untrustworthy, dishonest system. One that threatens our allies security.

Give me a good officer. An honest, sincere officer concerned with duty and selfishly sacrificing for those in his community, and I will be right there as a regular citizen if he needs a hand. Unfortunately, we have police from Toronto Police, to the OPP, RCMP and CSIS who operate in a disgusting fashion, for self benefit or even political purposes as we saw with the constant attacks and surveillance on Rob Ford, some ordered directly by the provincial premier! The RCMP charged the tax payer millions entrapping two welfare cases. We see the Toronto Police destroying lives based not on science, intent or facts, but very loosely applied “opinions” of someones value to society. It was recently in the paper here about a woman who had her security clearance taken from her work because she inadvertently shared a ride in a car with someone with a criminal record. HUH?! THAT is the type of East German tactics that Canada is engaging in. The type of government power that Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and others have spoken out against.

There is an important concept I learned in business and I apply it to a broad array of issues: “opportunity costs”. There is a clear investment application, but I also apply this to other issues, such as security. If you as an agency, or as an individual agent are “investing” resources in targeting someone, ruining someones life, persecuting (as they do in Canada) someone; sometimes simply to increase your paycheque or protect your agency from embarrassment, you can be sure there is a legitimate and real threat that is brewing. Due to ones selfish waste of resources, the chances of the real threat being successful increases exponentially. This is what America needs to be clearly cognizant of, I would happily be of assistance to any American police agency or politician who wants to know more about the specifics. I’m tired of reaching out to Public Safety Ministers in Canada, some right before the two terror attacks against Canadian soldiers a couple of years ago.

I’m old enough to remember the fight that Reagan and others fought against Communists, I’m sure as hell not going to sit back and watch as Canada becomes a severe liability to America who has always done the heavy lifting, and with my and many other Canadians respect for doing so.


One final point 17OAKS, as you can see I’m very passionate about this issue and type too fast for my own good. It’s not just that these elements will attack America physically, you can be sure many of them are actively engaging in radicalizing American citizens who are already in America. They might not even be on anyones watch list or even considering terrorism, they might just one day be depressed, angry, losing hope, distraught, and then there will be some lowlife, dirtbag living in Canada (or elsewhere) who is intent on inspiring some young, emotional person to cause harm. Catch them at moments of weakness and vulnerability and they influence them.

I would be willing to bet; and I have no facts to support this, just a hunch, that the FBI, CIA and local authorities are probably as concerned if not more concerned about this potential as they are with say a radical entering the United States. The person entering has far more scrutiny to pass than someone safely hiding in Moms basement engaging in online radicalizing.


If you want to take over a country, then you really need the peoples support, the road leads thru FEAR. Hitler and the SS then he identified an enemy, JEWS and he sent the SS out to find those who supported the JEWS> Brilliant plan, the Ger people got behind Hitler like kids running towards a ice cream truck.

We have and enemy White people, especially white males and they have lauded this all the way back to the writing of our founding docs by a "bunch of old white men who were slave owners.

Then we have our SS: Radical Black community, Radical Muslims and the DHS and if he is able to nationalize the Local police then buddy watch out there will be a killing spree in the US unlike anything in our history to include the Civil War…


This isn’t an issue about race, it’s an issue about radical nutjobs. In addressing these crazies, you will need to get to the source: “who is radicalizing them”? “Who are the extremists and how are they reaching out to vulnerable youth”?

In the case of Canada and the security apparatus; which is what the OP was about, America has to make a vital distinction regarding legitimate information coming from the police, exaggerations to outright lies. The Canadian security apparatus has a history of abusing their authority. no worse offender than the RCMP. America is less safe because of this, don’t let anyone try to convince you differently. In fact, specifically in regards to extremists and terrorism, America is far more vulnerable of those entering from Canada than from Mexico.

U.S politicians and security experts are going to have to take a harder line on Canada and Canadian policing, there are no two ways about it.


Canada is Canada’s responsibility, not ours; if you guys want to encourage Terrorism within your borders then you will have to live with Terrorist neighbors.

We will eventually wake up to the errors of this fallacy in the United States and heads will roll as a result, I have no idea whether such a mindset has ever or will ever exist in Canada.


I don’t agree. Canadas decisions impact America and thus America has to take some interest in these decisions, if not a strong interest. The isolationist strategies put forward by Bernie and Trump are from a long lost era and they would not be effective in ensuring Americas security. The world has avoided a third world war because of Americas ability to collect intelligence, build strong alliances and inspire other nations to be free and accountable. This is especially true of nations that share your border with.

If the RCMP and CSIS are not part of the solution, than you know they are definitely a part of the problem.


I have not heard anything of that nature coming from Trump. Don’t confuse bringing back lost jobs as isolationist. The Inc’s were literally FORCED out of the US by Obama’s policies and the highest tax rate in the free world.


We can debate the logic of tariffs and various economic policies at another time, I am referring specifically to global security. He calls it nation building, some call it peace through strength and building strong global alliances.


Trump has never uttered those words that I can find.

That said, I am failing to understand your point…


My point is that all nations security is dependent in varying degrees to that of other nations. How a country treats it’s own citizens and operates provides vital information about where they stand in regards to shared values and potential risks. With the internet, you can have radicalized citizens in one country spread their propaganda to others and unless a rogue nation (and its agencies) is held to account, they will continue to shrug their shoulders when other nations are impacted.


Can’t argue with that and when a country becomes weak as the US has it will crumble faster than a sack of potato chips with a bowl of cheese dip…just like we are doing.


Being “interested” in how Canada deals with Terrorists is not the same as intervention in the way Canada deals with Terrorists; the decisions you guys make will determine how much we trust you and that will determine our trade and travel policies with you.

But we have no business trying to save you from yourselves, we have our own country to manage.


I understand your point, and I’m glad Reagan and others didn’t share that view.

Can you imagine Reagan at the Berlin Wall? “Mr. Gorbachev, this is a well made wall…Have your people call ours and let’s do lunch!”

Doesn’t have the same ring of defiance, nor the historical significance that provided a beacon of hope for those less fortunate.


Reagan voiced his opinion as do I but Reagan did not attempt to control the internal policies of any democratic nation as you are advocating right now.