Does Canada pose the greatest threat of terrosim to the United States?


I am suggesting that America voice their opinion, as Obama did when he was invited to address our parliament and spoke of Native Rights abuses and even our lack of funding to NATO. Actions are louder than words yes, but words carry heavy weight.

Certainly Reagan influenced governments policies, he did so through these opinions. He called out Russia when they downed the Korea airline, providing unprecedented intelligence information to the world, he called Russia the “Evil Empire”. I know you know the history, it was his substance and moreover his powerful speeches that addressed ideology and concepts that most governments now don’t even touch upon. That in itself is worrisome, but I digress.

In 1984, Mulroney and Reagan were fairly close allies. They joked around, Reagan addressed the Parliament and more importantly shared some important ideological concepts. It was Reagan as president that influenced Canada, this has always been the case, much to the dismay I imagine of the British who have seen their influence wane in Canada. The monarchy becoming less and less of interest to Canadians.

There is one example that above all others shows how important this relationship was. In 1984, really at the height of the Cold War, with the West staring down Communism, lead by the unabashed, unapologetic Reagan; Mulroney was addressing a crisis within the RCMP. The RCMP didn’t see it as a crisis, but Mulroney did. There had been a long list of accusations of RCMP entrapping and employing agent provocateurs. It reached it’s breaking point for Mulroney when the RCMP were caught burning barns (in an attempt to blame the attack on a subversive group), killing many of the animals in the barn and making national headline. By the end of 1984, Mulroney had separated the covert, espionage abilities of the RCMP, creating CSIS. The argument being, that Canada cannot be a strong ally of America and face down the evils of communism if we employ the government in a similar manner.