Does he or doesn't he"


Did Obama add color to his hair? While the question seems to be meaningless this same occurrence has happened with other presidents.

Reagan was said to have dyed his hair and the same can be said about Bill Clinton.

While this really is nonsense, suspicions have surfaced that the job has been to hard on the big zero and thus he has to dye that hair to maintain that youthful look of diminutive physical development that he has.

Reading comments on this subject I found those who thought the president was “just dreamy” while other hold a less worshiping view of him.

So did he dye or not?

Did Obama dye his gray hair away? - Yahoo! News


His “hairdresser” said it depends on the length of the cut - but those two pics above show the exact same length - well, as close as you can tell - unless the no-gray one was taken much earlier. And I can tell his hair dresser that the individual hairs are the same color from the roots to the tips.


I really couldn’t care less.


In good times the sitting President ages quickly, just imagine the pressure that this fool is under. Mostly from his own actions and those of his “friends”, but pressure is pressure.


I think the more amazing story is how well he hides his horns.