Does it even really matter?

Does it really matter if Trump or Biden is president. I don’t think it even matters as long as Mccain and Manchin are middle votes in the senate we will get the same thing. Yeah you guys dialed the court right, but blue states were the original nullifiers (la hashish). If I was a woman in Texas 10 weeks pregnant I’d order crap online to stop it. The law is only dumb people can’t get an abortion in Texas.

Honestly you could, put anyone in there at this point, and for people like me were gonna get screwed by the system and do our own thing no matter what.

Oh, it matters.

When the Democrats get their voter fraud legislation passed, and they control all of the elections, corruption and bad government will be the result. The same would be true if the Republicans were ever to gain total control.

The difference with the Democrats is that their socialist programs will control every aspect of your life. There won’t be any sports car for you to drive unless it’s an electric plug-in. The Democrats want the fleet MPG to be 55 miles to the gallon by 2026. If you think that any gasoline burning sports car will be built, you are delusional, and there will be no opposition to the Democrat plan.

In the mean time, political families like the Bidens, Clintons and Pelosis will be getting richer and more powerful with no one check them. When Nancy Pelosi came to Congress her family net worth was around $3 million. Now it’s over $200 million. Recently when someone suggested that she should not be investing in the stock market because she was voting upon and had prior knowledge about public policy, she shot back that there was nothing wrong with that.

If you do away with the political checks and balances, you can kiss any resemblance to good government good-by.

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Alabama has an anti-adult toy law how does it get anymore controlling than that?

the Democrats also wanted build back better but they’re gonna keep dreaming.

Whoa Clinton is a political family but bidens son is to messed up to be a county dog catcher no family there. Does Pelosi have kids or just a few poodles?

You think I like or support her efforts yeah I’m a total San Fran liberal not a Rust Belt Labor Whip.

I’d support putting her and half of congress in prison. So there’s that.
look I’m a one issue guy it’s called not going broke in the Rust Belt, Giving My Kid a Future and letting my wife retire before 60 she has medical issues. It’s the economy stupid. The government nearly pays nearly a third of our bills because our jobs pay pisspoor wages here.

You show me a Good Government I’ll show you a humble billionaire.

Taking away your guns.

Maybe if the government stopped paying it (and taxing for it), they wouldn’t need as much and/or they’d be able to afford their own entrepreneurship.

Gee, @Unitedwestand, in one sentence you tell us that you support Pelosi’s “San Fran liberalism.” In the next sentence, you tell us you would like to put her and half Congress in jail. Did your Dem ‘bot circuits get crossed from one sentence to another? Are there two of you who don’t know what the other wrote? You seem to be confused today.

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Everyone who shops at walmart or any major retailer and enjoying their poverty prices is paying for Medicaid, Snap, EITC, and other things that merely keep their workers alive that is the true cost of low prices. If you had to live on walmart wages alone and had a mortgage you’d have a side business by night stealing catalytic converters I’d doubt half of people would even use money anymore they’d just take it.

Mic Drop.

I was kicked out of the county democratic working group about 14 days ago. Today after Joe Manchins cute little stunt I was welcomed back in. In my absence there was a split with the socially-liberal fiscally-conservative types (Liberaltarians) and they lost alot of power at the county level. last night I got a message saying welcome back! Yeah your social views are hetrodox but your labor views are spot on. Joe Manchin is the third greatest Christmas gift I got this week. It ain’t even Christmas boy I am walking on sunshine someone check my pulse.

Shouldn’t have dropped that mike so fast. I already said:

If government isn’t taking it away or screwing up entrepreneurship, it’s better for everyone.

Elon Musk lives in a tiny home, sold off all his others.

John Rockefeller was known for living in a modest house, going to church, and being polite.

People made fun of him for living in that house.

Nope. If they can’t employ people at those wages, they’ll just automate. Just like McDonalds in Europe

You’re not premising a world where people have better wages, you’re premising where those jobs don’t exist, and those people are completely dependent on Government benefits.

Also, price hikes hurt the poor the most. So your premise is also self-defeating. Raising prices to raise wages, means the poor workers are just paying those wages to cover the new, higher prices.

Inflation’s a b****.

“Dem ‘bot circuits” LOL

Made in China :joy: